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About Mazout Electric Company

⚡ Electric Motorcycles Manufacturing Company.

After giving in to the monotonous routine in order to earn a livelihood, sooner, we realized the void within us. The thrill that lacked out of our lifestyles made us conclude on these grounds. And it was because of the kind of leisure that this fondness of motor vehicles that prompted us to start this venture which might enlighten the zeal of the very many folks tied up in the rut of the 9-5 necessary living. Upon knowing that there is no age bar for the love of bikes, we strive to accompany the thrill with comfort. And all of this contributing to the environment while being sustainable is just like the cherry on the top! It is this view of producing not just the best in quality but also environment-friendly vehicles that are super comfortable and easy to ride on that brought us all together as a family under this big umbrella of love for motor vehicles and that this is open to any bike enthusiast who persists the same goal and desire like us!

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