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EV Producer NERVA

«NERVA» EV Producer

Being on the move is what defines us and always with good energy, because we specialize in electric mobility with high autonomy thanks to our BYD batteries and because we have good vibes. 

 NERVA (Spain) is a new player in the e-mobility world and launches a full-size maxi electric scooter on the market. With a peak power of 12 kWh and a maximum speed of 125 km/h you only need a B driving license to keep the NERVA EXE under control.  Interesting fact is the use of an LFP battery module (developed by BYD) to offer maximum life and safety. BYD’s LFP batteries, thanks to their chemical and thermal stability, contribute to a greater safety of the electric vehicle and also offer a long service life (charging cycles).  These batteries are also designed to be converted into energy storage modules; a battery with two lives. The long useful life of LFP batteries and their high number of cycles facilitate their use in second-life projects. In addition, their great longevity ensures that they can be used for many years in such projects. The composition of LFP batteries does not include cobalt, manganese or nickel, thus excluding toxic materials and unethical exploitation. NERVA also offers the batteries under a lease plan (the MOVES III financing plans) subject to the purchase of the batteries under a 5-year lease. NERVA mentions a “starting price” of EUR 3,380. If you choose to rent, the company will replace the batteries with new ones at the end of the 5-year contract.

Published on 16 February 2022

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