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EV Producer OKAI

About OKAI Company

⚡ Electric Bicycles & Scooters Manufacturing Company.

Okai products empower people everywhere to move across cities, campuses, and communities in ways that are safe, simple, and fun. Okai is a multinational team of over five hundred employees and more than seventeen years of micro-mobility experience. We address the “first and last mile” problem with high-quality, high-performance electric vehicles acknowledged as best in their industry. After years of OEM production and high-value partnerships with leading brands in the shared-economy scooter marketplace, Okai introduced its first consumer scooter models under the Okai signature brand. We are here to leave an impact instead of a big carbon footprint. OUR MISSION - to be the world’s most captivating micro mobility producer with the highest quality products and best customer service in class.

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