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Piëch Automotive AG is a Swiss company founded in 2016 that combines the heritage of European car design with engineering to create high-performance, clean technology. Piëch is redefining driving – and dreaming – to create an experience that’s built to last a lifetime. The brand’s debut model, the Piëch GT2, will be delivered to clients in 2025. 
 As Piëch grows, we seek to attract and nurture talent that shares our aim for excellence and our commitment to delivering on our brand ethos: Never settle. Piëch Automotive was founded in Zurich in 2016 by Toni Piëch and Rea Stark Rajcic. A permanent core team of specialists, all of whom bring several years of experience from various areas of the industry and who have worked for renowned car manufacturers around the world, designed a modular vehicle platform together with another up to 200 external employees. Based on this platform, various body and drive variants can be developed. The Piëch GT, which is scheduled for start of production in 2024, will be the first of these.

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