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About PURE EV Company

⚡ Electric Bicycles & Scooters Manufacturing Company.

PURENERGY acronym stands for Power Using Renewable Energy and true to its name ever since its genesis, the company has focused on enabling the transition to sustainable energy sources. Energy storage technology has been a key area of expertise for the company. The firm has executed hybrid solar storage projects for many prestigious business groups, Universities, Hospitals, Residential Communities, NGOs, and Schools. The company management team brings significant experience from academia and the energy industry. The company made a foray into manufacturing of electric two-wheeler under the brand “PURE EV” and high-performance Lithium batteries under the brand “PURE Lithium”. The company has been funded by a visionary from the Pharma industry Shri V C Nannapaneni. The company has set up a dedicated 40,000 sqft manufacturing unit and is geared up to become one of the leading EV startups of India in times to come! The company is focused on building products that are beloved by the mass consumer and building a trustworthy brand name in EV and ESS business verticals.

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