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EV Producer Roewe

«Roewe» EV Producer

The name and logo pattern of Roewe ROEWE fully reflect the classic and noble temperament, and the overall image is a combination of Chinese and Western. There are two standing oriental lions in the logo. The lion is the king of beasts, which represents auspiciousness, majesty, and solemnity in Chinese culture, and is also a symbol of kingship and bravery in the West. The double lions guard the Huabiao, which is a classic totem symbol in Chinese culture, which contains the dignity of the nation, and at the same time has the implication of looking forward and praying for the prosperity and harmonious development of the country. Below the pattern is the amalgamation of the letters RW painted in a modern way, which is the abbreviation of the brand name. The English name ''ROEWE'' is derived from the Spanish root Loewe (lion), which is a combination of various meanings. The "R" as the head is intended to convey the meaning of innovation and dignity.

Published on 06 December 2022

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