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Scame Parre

EV Charging Stations Producers Category
Updated: 14 June 2024

What is Scame Parre?

Company "Scame Parre"

⚡ EV Charging Stations Manufacturing Company.

Scame Parre: A Beacon of Innovation in the EV Charging Realm

In the serene embrace of the upper Val Seriana's mountainous splendor, nestled within the province of Bergamo, Northern Italy, stands Scame Parre, a colossus in the manufacturing of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations and electrical installation components. Since its inception in 1963, Scame Parre has woven a rich tapestry of environmental awareness, a dedication to humanity, and an undying thirst for innovation. This trinity of core values has propelled the company to craft products notably distinguished by their unmatched quality and tangible user advantages.

Innovation Married with Environmental Stewardship

Traversing through over fifty revolutions around the sun, Scame Parre has continually embraced the winds of innovation, propelling forward without once betraying its sacrosanct genesis principles. The firm has etched its name as a trailblazer in EV charging solutions, erecting benchmarks for the sector to aspire to. Besides its avant-garde ventures in the electric vehicle industry, Scame Parre broadened its horizon with the ATEX IEC-Ex line, meticulously fashioned for installations in precarious locales. Nevertheless, the company's ambit additionally encompasses a wide array of products for domestic, commercial, and Herculean industrial applications.

An Arsenal for Every Installation Conundrum

The arsenal that Scame Parre provides is as varied as the stars, yet each product shares a common lineage of impeccable quality and allegiance to both national and international benchmarks. This faith in the reliability and prowess of Scame Parre's offerings ensures that patrons, regardless of their needs - be it residential, mercantile, or industrial - find the perfect ally in Scame Parre's catalog.

Worldwide Reach and Steadfast Customer Endeavor

The Scame Parre creed of customer contentment manifests not only through swift and nimble customer service but also through its sprawling wingspan both locally and internationally. Boasting 18 branches and a cobweb of distribution networks across more than 80 countries sprawled over five continents, Scame Parre has cemented its position as a luminary on the global stage, extending its expertise and readiness to satiate electrical installation needs across the globe.

A Peep into Scame Parre’s Cornucopia of Offerings

Bearing the torch of comprehensiveness, Scame Parre unfurls an assortment of products to address varied electrical installation requirements. Stellar categories from this cornucopia include:

  1. EV Charging Stations: Imbued with the latest technological advancements and profound expertise, Scame Parre’s EV charging stations guarantee efficacious and steadfast charging for electric vehicles.

  2. ATEX IEC-Ex Range: Fashioned with scrupulous care for hazardous environs, the ATEX IEC-Ex offerings from Scame Parre stand as sentinels, ensuring safe and dependable electrical installations amidst potentially volatile atmospheres.

  3. Domestic and Industrial Products: From the realm of residential comforts to the rigors of commercial and heavy industrial labors, Scame Parre’s wide range of products - sockets, plugs, connectors, and distribution systems - stands ready to supply.

Forge Your Alliance with Scame Parre for Premier Electrical Installations

Embark on a journey of electrical installation excellence and EV charging finesse with Scame Parre. Anchored in innovation, environmental conscientiousness, and customer dedication, Scame Parre serves as a dependable ally within the industry. Unlock the doors to a vast array of reliable products and the umbrella of global support that Scame Parre provides.

For those eager to delve into Scame Parre’s extensive trove of products and to garner a deeper understanding of the company, a pilgrimage to their website or a tête-à-tête with their zealous team awaits.

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