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Company "Schempp-hirth"

⚡ Flying Electric Vehicles Manufacturing Company.

Schempp-Hirth: A Behemoth in the Flying Electric Vehicle Industry

Schempp-Hirth, the name itself conjures images of majesty in the electric vehicle skies. From its genesis in 1935, in the quintessentially German town of Göppingen, this manufacturing titan has carved its niche in the aviation industry with unparalleled innovation and a commitment to quality that's as relentless as gravity. Specializing in the production of flying electric vehicles, the company has been an aerodynamic force to be reckoned with.

The Foundational Years and Geographic Overhaul

In its embryonic stage, Schempp-Hirth was nurtured in a modest cradle within a municipal setting in Göppingen. Martin Schempp, the visionary behind this aerial undertaking, propelled the organization from its nascent state with a modest band of four aficionados, on January 4, 1935. By the year's end, the team burgeoned to 25 souls, inclusive of two erudite scholars. The infusion of Wolf Hirt into the company matrix marked a seminal partnership in the annals of aviation history between Martin Schempp and himself.

Forge of Iconic Gliders

With an augmented clan of aviation artisans, Schempp-Hirth set sail into the skies with the creation of distinctive glider models. The venerable Gö-1 'Wolf,' a single-seat glider, etched its name in the cumulus clouds of recognition. The manifestation of the two-seat Gö-2 model further mirrored the company’s enfant terrible spirit in innovation and adaptability. Yet, it was the Gö-3 'Minimoa' that enshrined Schempp-Hirth in the gliding pantheon, embodying the spirit of aerial finesse and engineering virtuosity.

Migration to Kirchheim/Teck

The onward march of Schempp-Hirth necessitated a larger bastion, propelling towards a pilgrimage to Kirchheim/Teck. This migration, spearheaded in 1937 and unfurling through 1938, bestowed upon Schempp-Hirth the sanctum for its burgeoning ambitions.

The Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau Epoch

January 15, 1938, saw Wolf Hirt transcend his advisory and design roles to clutch over half of the company, tethering the destiny of Schempp-Hirth to his vision and baptizing it as Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau. The synergy between Martin Schempp and Wolf Hirt catalyzed an enduring legacy in aviation history.

Epochs of Leadership and Familial Hearth

Into this storied tapestry entered Klaus Holighaus in 1965, imbuing the fabric with his innovative threads as a development engineer. Commandeering the helm increasingly since 1969 and steering the managerial rudder by 1972, Holighaus' saga intersected with the Holighaus dynasty in 1977, assuming full stewardship. The infernal black swan on August 9, 1994, took Klaus, yet Bridget Holighaus and their scion, Thilo, upraised the mantle, with the elder progeny Ralph rejoining the family enterprise since January 2013.

Today's Schempp-Hirth and Tomorrow's Horizons

In the present diorama, Schempp-Hirth continues to soar as a titan among mortals in the flying electric vehicles firmament. Its reservoirs of experience fuel innovation in a quest for the latest glider models that are not just vessels of air but testimonies of sustainable practices, performance, and sacrosanct safety. It is this trifecta that keeps Schempp-Hirth's banner flapping high in the market winds.

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