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EV Producer Shorepower

«Shorepower» EV Producer

Shorepower Technologies designs, builds, installs, and operates electrified parking spaces at truck stops, rest areas, travel plazas, warehouses, truck depots, terminals, shopping malls, businesses and other types of parking areas.  Since 2004, Shorepower has electrified over 2,000 parking spaces throughout North America including 62 truck stops in 30 states. Shorepower maintains offices in New York, Oregon and Virginia. Нorepower’s Truck Stop Electrification (TSE) systems allow truck drivers to turn off their engines and plug into all-weather electrical outlets during mandatory rest periods. This reduces fuel costs, engine maintenance costs, and toxic exhaust emissions, and provides a better night’s rest. Shorepower is also popular with RV owners who visit truckstops to charge batteries or stay comfortable for the night.

Published on 12 January 2022

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