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EV Producer Stama

«Stama» EV Producer

The STAMA product range consists of Micro EL, Mini EL, Multi EL, Maxi EL, Evo EL und Parker EL and Multi Vacuum models. All of the trucks have a large range of accessories and the majority are available with body with hydraulic turntable, extra sides, truck bed extension, open cabs, etc. We continue to develop new products and accessories for your STAMA truck. Some models are available with servo control, adjustable seats with suspension, 2-speed drive and handbrake. In addition, all of the trucks are highly manoeuvrable and have a small turning radius, so they can reach small passages and paths. GMR maskiner a/s is partially a family-owned business, founded by agricultural smith Gunner Møller Rasmussen. He developed the company´s first mower in 1965. Today, GMR maskiner a/s is a large and contemporary company owned and run by sales manager Max Møller Rasmussen, production manager Poul Møller Rasmussen, managing director Niels Kirkegaard and sales manager for the STAMA products Thorkild Vind.

Published on 04 February 2022

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