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What is Stama?

⚡ Electric Trucks Manufacturing Company.

Discover Stama: Crafting the Future of Electric Truck Innovation

Waltzing into the electric vehicle industry like a bolt from the blue, Stama stands tall amidst the conglomeration of companies vying to electrify the transportation sector. Their cavalcade of electric trucks, including the dainty Micro EL, the sprightly Mini EL, the versatile Multi EL, the stalwart Maxi EL, the evolutionary Evo EL, the nimble Parker EL, and the industrious Multi Vacuum, has carved a niche in the market. Not content with resting on their laurels, Stama's commitment to the relentless pursuit of innovation ensures their lineup is perpetually infused with state-of-the-art solutions. With an arsenal of accessories to boot, such as hydraulic turntable bodies and open cabs, Stama caters to a smorgasbord of bespoke requirements, thereby enhancing the functional prowess of their fleet.

Revving Up with Advanced Features and Nimbleness

In the theatre of electric transportation, Stama trucks take center stage with their symphony of advanced features, harmonizing comfort with control. Select models are adorned with servo control and adjustable seats that cradle you like a hammock, while the 2-speed drive and handbrake ensure you have the reins tightly in hand. The pièce de résistance, however, is their acrobatic manoeuvrability – a small turning radius enables these mechanical gazelles to waltz through the narrowest of alleys with the grace of a ballerina, ensuring no corner remains untouched by their electrified embrace.

The Genesis of Innovation and Unyielding Quality

Birthed from the fertile grounds of GMR maskiner a/s by the visionary Gunner Møller Rasmussen in the year 1965, Stama has flourished under the tutelage of electric vehicle wizards such as the industrious Møller Rasmussen brethren, the strategy maestro Niels Kirkegaard, and the electric charioteer Thorkild Vind. Together, they weave the fabric of Stama’s future, imbuing it with unmatched quality and a pioneering spirit that propels the company into the echelons of electric truck manufacturing nobility.

A Tapestry of Electric Truck Mastery: The Stama Armada

A pilgrimage to Stama’s digital sanctuary unveils a veritable treasure trove of electric truck ingenium. From the coy Micro EL to the Herculean Multi Vacuum, each model is a testament to Stama’s alchemical prowess in melding performance with versatility. Navigating through their digital corridors, one is greeted with a cornucopia of models, each awaiting to be tailor-fitted to the artisan’s needs. Stama doesn’t just sell electric trucks; they forge stalwart steeds ready to champion the cause of green transportation.

The Odyssey of Stama: Electrifying the Transport Realm

Anchored in the belief that the future is electric, Stama embarks on a quest to redefine the essence of sustainable transportation. Through a confluence of quality, adaptability, and an undying commitment to customer gratification, they stand as sentinels at the gates of the electric truck manufacturing domain. Embrace the electrifying performance and balletic agility of Stama’s electric trucks, and join hands in heralding an era of environmental stewardship.

Engage with Stama, where electric trucks are not just manufactured, but are carefully sculpted, offering a chassis of possibilities for tomorrow’s transportation saga. Their commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that with a Stama electric truck, you’re not just driving; you’re partaking in the symphony of sustainable progress.

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