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About Sun Solar Electric Company

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Sun Solar Electric - Welcome to Sun Solar Electric, INC a full service solar installation and installation company. We are based in Sonoma County and provide services to neighboring San Francisco counties. Founded as a partnership in 2012 by Michael Meyer and Jason Fernandez, four years of successful growth led to a full company registration in early 2016 of the year. Кnowledge and skills of each other. With the decision to combine their shared knowledge, commitment to excellence and license, Sun Solar Electric was launched. It is worth noting that during the first 4 years, the non-stop growth of the Company was largely due to referrals - their work and ethics spoke for them as the only advertisement. Solar projects have included RVs, homes of all sizes, large businesses, farms and vineyards; on the rooftop, on the ground, and now we are proud to be the installation partner for Ciel & Terre floating solar mounts on bodies of water. In addition, experience with battery backup and off-grid solar power. Electrical projects were also very diverse, for residential and commercial spaces, as well as government works. Every aspect and size of electrical panel, installation and maintenance; wiring; lighting; Home and building automation systems; Charging stations for electric vehicles; Standby generators, battery systems and their integration with Solar. Working closely with "frontline" manufacturers, SSE strives to be constantly aware of what is currently available, as well as what is inevitable in technological developments. We work to insure our customers - YOU! - to have the very best products and designs available for your current and long term benefits.

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