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About Techo Electra Company

⚡ Electric Bicycles & Scooters Manufacturing Company.

We are a turbo charged team of innovators, designers, bikers, nature - lovers and the odd 'tree-hugger'. With an R&D facility situated at the hub of India's automobile industry - Pune - the crew is all set to bring back an electric revolution of style, comfort and quality to the Indian roads. Our vision is to become the best electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India with our expertise and innovative designs. The next step of the electric revolution is here and now! Come experience the revolutionary technology advancement we bring to the automobile industry. We aim to be the change that unlocks value in the 2 wheeler electric scooter industry. Innovation is what our business thrives on. With our team of highly skilled engineers and advanced R & D facilities, our continuous endeavour is to set a benchmark in the electric 2 wheeler sector in India. We understand that building the vehicle of a tomorrow powered by electricity needs to be a seamless blend of innovation and tested parameters. To ensure the safety of our scooters in order to win our customers' trust, each scooter is built and tested to conform to the set industry standards. We aspire to add value to our customers and the industry by creating smart, viable and practical products which are safe and subject to the highest standards of testing.

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