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TEMSA is present in close to 70 markets worldwide with a significant market share in leading economies such as the USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy. And with a wide product line, TEMSA meets the unique needs of different regions.
Working so hard for a better future with smart mobility vision, TEMSA is one the first coach and bus manufacturer which have two different electrical buses ready for serial production, Avenue Electron and MD9 electriCITY. Autonomous MD9 electriCITY project is on its path and will be ready on the roads for testing in 2022.TEMSA designers and engineers are capable of creating tailor-made solutions for each customer. TEMSA offers Maraton, Safir Plus, HD, HD RHD in coach and tourism segment, Prestij midi-buses, MD9 and MD7 midi-coaches and LD SB Plus, as well as the entire Avenue series designed uniquely for European urban transportation, while offering the TS 45, TS 35 and TS 30 models exclusively in the USA.

Published on 03 November 2021

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