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About TESLA Company

⚡ Electric Cars Manufacturing Company.

Tesla is an American corporation engaged in the development and production of electric vehicles, systems for saving electricity. Founded in 2003. From the day the idea was implemented, Elon Musk (Director) and his company are rapidly developing, comprehending new business heights. Tesla, as a world-class corporation, has special key characteristics that help to maintain and promote the business.

Tesla is a fairly young corporation, especially when compared with the giants of the automotive industry, such as BMW or Ford. But the scale of development and sales volumes are very impressive.

So, already in 2006, the presentation of the first Tesla Roadster electric car took place. After the models are produced: Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3, etc. In 2018, the brand plans to release an innovative electric truck.

The company does not stop at the production of vehicles, there are other products that are used in many countries of the world, among them:

electric accumulators;
solar panels.

In addition, there is currently an active expansion of electric charging stations around the world. The US has already reached the desired level: owners of electric vehicles need not worry, as there are a sufficient number of chargers installed throughout the country. company development.
An interesting point in the business is that the brand's car dealerships are only a demonstration site, the sales process is carried out through the Tesla website. This scheme is partially similar to Apple's trading model.

Marketing work is carried out in a non-standard and effective way: the car owners themselves advertise the manufacturer through commercials on the Internet. Everything is very simple and affordable!

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