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Updated: 15 July 2024

What is Togg?

Company "Togg"

⚡ Electric Cars Manufacturing Company.

Revolutionizing Turkey's Automotive Horizon: Togg's Electrifying Journey

Unveiling Togg: Turkey's Trailblazer in Electric Mobility

In an audacious display of innovation, Togg ascends as Turkey's herald in the electric vehicle sphere. Emerging under the banner 'Türkiye'nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu,' or Turkey's Automobile Joint Venture Group in English, Togg cuts a towering figure in the Turkish electric vehicle fabrication sector. Positioned in the vibrant epicenter of Gebze, Kocaeli Province, the headquarters of Togg is a beacon of ingenuity and ambition. It's inception in 2018, birthed from the union of five eminent Turkish corporations, signals a daring mission to sculpt a new era within the automotive industry.

Catalyzing Change: Togg's Odyssey Unveiled

The saga of Togg commenced with the fusion of quintet Turkish corporate giants, united by a singular vision: to cultivate a domestically nurtured electric automotive emblem. This harmonious alliance signifies Turkey's pledge towards forging sustainable transportation avenues. The transformation of Togg from a mere conceptual entity to palpable reality mirrors the nation's resolve in shaping a future liberated from traditional confines.

From Vision to Reality: Togg's Epoch-Making Milestone

A defining moment in Togg's chronicle was celebrated with the inauguration of its assembly plant in Gemlik, Bursa province, in the crisp air of October 2022. This event magnified Togg's steadfast commitment towards transmuting innovative visions into actualized marvels. A stone's throw away from its kin, Siro, a maestro in lithium-ion battery production, the Gemlik site serves as the heart of Togg's electric vehicle ecosystem. This synergetic alliance vitalizes the engines that drive the future of electric mobility.

Grand Unveiling: Togg T10X's Majestic Arrival

Marking its grand entry into the automotive realm, Togg showcased its magnum opus: the Togg T10X. This unveil in March 2023 heralded Togg's resplendent debut on the automotive stage. The echoes of this landmark premiere permeated throughout Turkey's automotive corridor, catalyzing a transformation ardently anticipated.

Ambitious Odyssey: Spearheading Sustainable Mobility

The trajectory of Togg epitomizes Turkey's bold march towards pioneering sustainable mobility paradigms. With the break of each new day, Togg advances with relentless zeal towards innovation, sustainability, and avant-garde technology. Following in its trail is a future where electric vehicles chart a judicious and mindful route, positioning Turkey at the helm of automotive ingenuity.

A Vision Engraved: Shaping Turkey's Automotive Tomorrow

In a sphere brimming with pioneering advances, Togg stands as a symbol of Turkey's journey into a novel epoch of electric mobility. Armed with visionary zeal and breakthrough technology, Togg scripts a saga set to sculpt the contours of Turkey's automotive fate.

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