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About TOMCAR Company

⚡ Electric Snowmobiles & Quadricycles Manufacturing Company.

TOMCAR is a leading manufacturer of electric snowmobiles and quadricycles that are designed to excel in demanding work environments. With a strong emphasis on maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime, TOMCAR vehicles are engineered to deliver exceptional durability, impressive load capacity, and easy maintenance. Featuring a fully welded steel frame and roll cage, as well as four-wheel independent suspension, TOMCAR vehicles are renowned for their reliability and are among the most trusted and reliable off-road vehicles in the market.

Unparalleled Durability

Engineered for Toughness

Every aspect of TOMCAR vehicles is meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of demanding work environments. From the top to the bottom, these vehicles are built to handle heavy loads and challenging terrains. The fully welded steel frame and roll cage provide superior strength and protection, ensuring the safety of the occupants even in the most challenging conditions.

Reliable Off-Road Performance

TOMCAR vehicles are equipped with four-wheel independent suspension, allowing for a smooth and stable ride over rugged terrains. This advanced suspension system not only enhances comfort but also improves traction, maneuverability, and overall off-road performance. With TOMCAR, you can confidently navigate challenging landscapes, knowing that your vehicle is built to withstand the toughest conditions.

Exceptional Load Capacity

TOMCAR vehicles are designed to maximize productivity by offering impressive load capacity. Whether you need to transport tools, equipment, or supplies, TOMCAR vehicles can handle the job efficiently. With their robust construction and optimized load-carrying capabilities, TOMCAR vehicles ensure that you can transport heavy loads without compromising performance or safety.

Ease of Maintenance

TOMCAR vehicles are engineered to minimize downtime and simplify maintenance. These vehicles are designed with serviceability in mind, allowing for easy access to key components and ensuring that routine maintenance tasks can be performed quickly and efficiently. By reducing maintenance time and complexity, TOMCAR vehicles keep you on the job and maximize your productivity.

Explore TOMCAR's Product Line

To explore the full range of TOMCAR products, we invite you to visit our official website. There, you will find detailed information, specifications, and captivating visuals that showcase the superior craftsmanship and rugged design associated with our brand.


TOMCAR is the epitome of durability and performance in the realm of electric snowmobiles and quadricycles. With a commitment to maximizing productivity, minimizing downtime, and delivering exceptional load capacity, TOMCAR vehicles are trusted by professionals in various industries. Their fully welded steel frame, roll cage, and four-wheel independent suspension ensure a safe and smooth ride, while the vehicles' ease of maintenance further enhances their reliability. Experience unmatched durability and performance with TOMCAR, and discover the difference it can make in your work environment.

Products Produced by TOMCAR

  • Electric Snowmobiles: Explore TOMCAR's line of electric snowmobiles, combining power, reliability, and ruggedness for an exhilarating snowmobiling experience.
  • Quadricycles: Discover TOMCAR's quadricycles, offering versatile and robust off-road transportation solutions for a wide range of applications.

Visit our website to explore each product in detail and find the perfect TOMCAR vehicle that matches your needs and requirements.

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