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TORK Motors

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Updated: 14 June 2024

What is TORK Motors?

Company "TORK Motors"

⚡ Electric Motorcycles Manufacturing Company.

TORK Motors: Pioneering Electric Motorcycles in India

In the bustling metropolis of Pune, India, resides TORK Motors - a trailblazing startup that's electrifying the motorcycle industry with innovation and sheer gumption. This outfit, with roots deeply entrenched in the adrenaline-pumping world of racing, has unleashed upon the roads of India its latest marvel, the 'KRATOS.' A machine not just assembled within the Indian borders but also a proud proclamation of local craftsmanship, TORK Motors is setting a breakneck pace in the electric motorcycle sphere.

High-Performance Electric Motorcycles

At the core of TORK Motors lies an undying pursuit for electrified exhilaration that doesn't thumb its nose at Mother Nature. Let's throttle up and delve into the exemplary fleet of electric beasts that this firm has birthed:

  1. TORK KRATOS: Behold the KRATOS - India's inaugural foray into the electric motorcycle domain. This technological juggernaut doesn't just glide; it roars down the roads, with its potent electric heart encased in a svelte frame, alongside a litany of avant-garde features that make it not just a motorcycle, but a harbinger of an electric epoch in India.

Embracing Innovation and Research

Driving the chariots of innovation, TORK Motors crafts its path with relentless research and development. Spearheaded by a brigade of savants - engineers who eat, sleep, and breathe innovation - TORK is on a ceaseless quest to propel the electric motorcycle into realms yet uncharted, elevating performance, autonomy, and recharging dexterity to celestial heights.

Commitment to Local Manufacturing

Bearing the flag of 'Made in India' with indomitable pride, TORK Motors is more than a manufacturing entity; it's a testament to the prowess of Indian craftsmanship. This dedication to homeland production not only infuses vigour into the local economic veins but also ensures that every nut and bolt stands up to rigorous standards of brilliance.

Charging Infrastructure Solutions

In a landscape eagerly stretching its arms to the electric dawn, TORK Motors is laying down the cobblestones with its charging infrastructure solutions. By engineering relays of charging bastions across the land, TORK is not just furnishing the conduits for electric horsepower but is indeed welding the very backbone of India's electric vehicle ecosystem, making the switch to electric not just convenient but inevitable.

Carving roads where none existed, TORK Motors is the beacon of India's segue into the electric vehicle revelry. With the flagbearer, the TORK KRATOS, leading the charge, TORK is a saga of inspiration, a chronicle of ingenuity, and a covenant to keep the wheels of progress turning, whilst keeping them green. As the world tilts on the axis of sustainability, TORK Motors invites you to be a part of not just a revolution but a renaissance of the motorcycle as we know it.

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