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Updated: 24 June 2024

What is Tunwal?

Company "Tunwal"

⚡ Electric Bicycles & Scooters Manufacturing Company.

Tunwal Company: Spearheading the Electric Two-Wheeler Epoch

A Prologue to Innovation

Tunwal, an Indian prodigy in the electric two-wheeler arena, has been redefining the norms of commuting since its inception in 2014. Spearheaded by the visionary Mr. J P Tunwal, this entity has adopted a noble mission to displace the conventional gasoline chugging bikes and scooters, with their battery-powered counterparts. Nestled in the verdant expanses of Green City Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Tunwal E Vehicle India Pvt Ltd stands as a testament to sustainable propulsion. It is a crucible where advanced technology and avant-garde design converge, setting the stage for Tunwal's dominance in the Indian electric two-wheeler domain.

Championing a Verdant Tomorrow

Astride Towards Ecological Enrichment

Charging ahead with an unwavering vision, Tunwal E Vehicle India Pvt Ltd endeavors to infuse the market with green commuting alternatives. Their array of battery-operated bikes and scooters not merely signify technological excellence but underscore a tangible pledge to ameliorate humanity's carbon footprint. Such a commitment solidifies Tunwal’s corporate ethos, resonating with an echo towards sustenance.

Harmony’s Abode: The Gandhinagar Bastion

Gandhinagar, branded as the Green City, cradles the edifice of Tunwal's corporate and manufacturing prowess. This deliberate juxtaposition underlines their credo of ecological stewardship, weaving the fabric of an environmentally conscious future. Such a sanctuary not only hosts their innovative endeavors but augments their green narrative, permeating every sinew of their operations.

Alchemy of Technology and Aesthetics

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Tunwal E Vehicle India Pvt Ltd melds the frontiers of technology with the finesse of design. Be it their electric bicycles or scooters, each creation is a paragon of innovation married with functionality. This synergetic union assures an unparalleled motoring experience, steering the patrons towards a promising horizon of electric mobility.

An Ode to Tunwal's Electric Cohort

From the crucible of creativity, Tunwal has forged an eclectic assembly of electric bicycles and scooters. Their catalogue is a homage to affordability, ecological mindfulness, and technological prowess. Amongst their storied ranks, certain exemplars have captured the imagination of the urban commuter:

The Tunwal Neo Electric Bicycle

An illustration of efficiency encased in a svelte frame, the Tunwal Neo Electric Bicycle is your gateway to a verdant mobility solution. Crafted for the eagle-eyed urbanite, it promises a seamless blend of cost-effectiveness and environmental accountability, charting a new course in urban transit.

The Power-imbued Tunwal Photon Electric Scooter

An embodiment of Tunwal's ethos of unwavering technological allegiance, the Photon Electric Scooter emerges as a beacon of power and innovation. Its nimble form factor coupled with an arsenal of intelligent features paves the path for a ride experience that is both thrilling and responsible.

The Versatile Tunwal Storm Electric Scooter

Encapsulating the essence of dynamism, the Tunwal Storm Electric Scooter is your stalwart companion through the bustling cityscape or serene avenues. Its assemblage of cutting-edge attributes, agile maneuverability, and remarkable autonomy elevate it to the zenith of electric scooter engineering.

The Majestic Tunwal Thunder Electric Scooter

The Thunder Electric Scooter stands as Tunwal's ode to exhilarating vehicular performance. With a robust electric heart and an advanced suspension network, it offers a blend of vigor and agility, all the while ensconced in a design that turns heads and captivates the spirit of the asphalt adventurer.

In the epoch of electric mobility, Tunwal Company emerges as a harbinger of change. Driven by a crusade to supplant petrol-driven conveyances with battery-operated marvels, Tunwal E Vehicle India Pvt Ltd embroiders the tapestry of a greener futurity. Its stronghold, nestled in the lush thicket of Green City Gandhinagar, along with a string of sustainable strides in technology and design, bespeaks their allegiance to innovation and the environment. Through their diverse fleet of electric two-wheelers, Tunwal beckons you to partake in their odyssey towards a spotless, verdant, and sustainable transport future.

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