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What is Vanderhall?

⚡ Electric Snowmobiles & Quadricycles Manufacturing Company.

Welcome to Vanderhall: Electrifying Adventures Await

Enter the world of Vanderhall, where electrifying adventures and groundbreaking innovations are the norms, not the exceptions. Born from the mind of visionary Steve Hall in 2010, Vanderhall Motor Works has taken the electric vehicle industry by storm. Synonymous with unparalleled quality and avant-garde design, Vanderhall is more than just a manufacturing company—it's a creator of dreams on wheels. Our latest brainchild, the all-electric 4-wheel Brawley™, is an invitation to conquer the off-road realm like never before.

Meet the Brawley™: An Electrifying Off-Road Cyclone

An Odyssey of Design and Engineering

Our journey with the Brawley™ is nothing short of an odyssey—an expedition that has led us to shatter expectations and reinvent what's possible. Imagine a chariot, not of old, but of the future: a chassis forged from a single piece, handling smoother than silk, and tires that devour the terrain. The Brawley™ isn't just a vehicle; it's the very essence of exploration and wonderment.


The backbone of Vanderhall's ethos is our unyielding dedication to excellence. The Brawley™ isn't just a product; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to surpass the zenith of automotive standards. Rigorous testing? Check. Strict quality control? Double check. At Vanderhall, only the best will do because we know our patrons expect nothing less.

Embracing the Whisper of the Wind: The Electric Revelation

In an age where whispers can roar, the Brawley™ stands as a beacon of progress. Our embrace of electric propulsion heralds a new dawn—a cleaner, quieter future. With velvet stealth and lethal grace, our all-electric wonder offers a poignant alternative to the cacophony of gas-guzzlers, proving that power and environmental stewardship can coexist in harmony.

A Dance with the Unknown: Thrills Redefined

With the Brawley™, adventure isn't just about the destination; it's about the exhilaration of the ride. It's a beast that dances with the unknown, turning landscapes into playgrounds with its surge of electric might. Cliffs, mud, rocks—no domain is beyond its reign. This isn't just off-roading; it's an odyssey where the only limit is your daring.

Discover the Vanderhall Arsenal

Our passion for innovation doesn't stop at the Brawley™. From sleek electric snowmobiles that slice through the silence of the snow, to versatile quadricycles that redefine urban traversal, Vanderhall is an alchemist's lab of electrifying wonders. Each creation is a symphony of precision engineering and visionary design, waiting to take you on journeys untold.

To immerse yourself in the Vanderhall saga, pay a visit to our digital sanctum. A treasure trove of information, specifications, and imagery awaits, ready to whisk you away to a realm where engineering prowess and artistry collide.

Vanderhall Motor Works: Redefining Journeys

Vanderhall Motor Works stands as a paragon of innovation, quality, and design. With the advent of the 4-wheel Brawley™, we continue to defy limits and chart new territories in the off-road adventure. Our resolve is to craft not just vehicles but gateways to exhilarating endeavors and unparalleled journeys. We extend an invitation to all thrill-seekers and dreamers: embark with Vanderhall on a voyage into the extraordinary. Discover Vanderhall, and dare to explore the path less traveled.

Flagships of Vanderhall's Fleet

  • Brawley™: Behold the Brawley™, the all-electric titan that redefines the off-road experience with its fully enclosed majesty.
  • Electric Snowmobiles: Embark on wintry escapades with our electric snowmobiles—where power meets the pristine silence of snow-clad adventures.
  • Quadricycles: Explore the urban sprawl with Vanderhall's quadricycles, where design meets utility in the pursuit of nimble commutes.

Curious minds are invited to navigate to our website, where the saga of each Vanderhall creation is unfurled in captivating detail. Find the steed that speaks to your spirit, and begin your journey with Vanderhall today.

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