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Company "Velocifero"

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The Electrifying Twirl of Velocifero in The Motorcycle Symphony

In an age where electric whispers challenge the thunderous roar of engines, Velocifero emerges as a stalwart, harmonizing the grand legacy of motorcycling with the whispers of the future. Birthed from the prolific Tartarini lineage, Velocifero is not merely a brand but a saga that weaves through the annals of motorcycle history. At its helm stands Alessandro Tartarini, a figure whose lineage is as storied as the roads his creations aspire to conquer. His odyssey is built upon the shoulders of legends: Leopoldo Tartarini, his father, who etched his name across the racetracks riding for icons like Ducati and Benelli; and Egisto, his grandfather, a venerable knight of the Moto Guzzi order. Velocifero, thus, is more than a marque; it's an ode to their odyssey, a fusion of heritage with the electric dreams of tomorrow.

The VELOCIFERO MAD: Where Artistry Meets the Asphalt

Daring to defy conventions, the VELOCIFERO MAD stands as the flagship envoy of Velocifero's electric fleet. It blurs the lines between a mini-scooter and an electric bike, carving out a niche of its own with an audacious aesthetic. Adorned with a bamboo deck—an homage to the urban skate culture—and rugged tires that echo the sport's vivacity, the MAD transcends mere locomotion. It's the embodiment of Velocifero's vision—a harmonious marriage of form and function that dances to the tune of innovation and design.

Clad in a palette of vibrant colors and customizable accessories, the VELOCIFERO MAD articulates a visual narrative that is distinctly Velocifero—products with a soul, a heartbeat that pulsates with a strong, unmistakable identity.

The Quintessence of Velocifero: A Ballet of Innovation and Stylistic Flair

At its core, Velocifero is a testament to the relentless pursuit of beauty through design, paired with an unyielding drive for innovation. Guided by Alessandro Tartarini, Velocifero transcends its illustrious lineage to chart a new course in the electric mobility seascape. This journey is not just about maintaining the old ways but about envisaging a future where tradition and innovation dance in lockstep, shedding light on the paths yet traveled.

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