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Updated: 15 July 2024

What is Voyah?

Company "Voyah"

⚡ Electric Cars Manufacturing Company.

In the electric vehicle sector, a new herald of luxury and environmentally-conscious driving has emerged, going by the name of Voyah. A distinguished member of the Dongfeng Motor Group family, this brand distills the essence of opulence into the fabric of zero-emission automotive design. As Dongfeng's luxury arm, Voyah is not merely manufacturing cars; it's sculpting the future of high-end travel, powered solely by electricity. Its fleet, a parade of innovation and suave engineering, is redefining automotive standards.

A Deep Dive into Voyah's World of Elegance

Since its grand debut in the year 2020, Voyah has not just talked the talk, but walked the walk, presenting two concept vehicles that speak volumes of its commitment to crafting superb vehicles. The unveiling of the Voyah i-Land coupe concept alongside the Voyah i-Free crossover concept was a clarion call to access, signaling the electrifying path Voyah intends to traverse. These prototypes, birthed in collaboration with ItalDesign, wave the flag for Voyah's pledge to merge luxury with ingenuity. It was the precursor to the grand entrance of the Voyah Free premium crossover in 2021.

Voyah: Where Luxury Meets Technological Wizardry

Embodied in every creation of Voyah is an seamless marriage of opulence and state-of-the-art technology. The vehicles aren't just modes of transportation; they're chariots of sophistication, designed to offer an automotive experience that's nothing short of magnificent. Utilizing the advanced Essa electric platform from Dongfeng, Voyah ensures its vehicles are not only consistent with, but also transcend, their conceptual origins—bringing forth products marked by superior craftsmanship, performance, and innovation.

The Crown Jewel: Voyah Free

Amongst Voyah's assemblage of exquisite creations, the Voyah Free premium crossover reigns supreme. Its foundation deeply rooted in the vision of the Voyah i-Free concept, this crossover is a testament to elegance, comfort, and technological prowess. Distinguished by its streamlined design, laden with cutting-edge features and propelled by electric might, the Voyah Free stands as a monumental representation of Voyah's aspirations to refine and elevate the driving experience through sustainable methodologies.

The Crusade for the Apex of Luxury Electric Mobility

Steering the helm towards the uncharted territories of luxurious electric mobility, Voyah is sculpting an epoch. With a firm grip on its principles of zero anxiety and a steadfast dedication to crafting smart, upscale electric vehicles, the brand is not just setting a new standard; it's forging a realm where luxury and innovation converge in harmony. Voyah marries groundbreaking technology with impeccable artisanry and green energy, delivering to the world an apex driving experience that stands unmatched.

Emerging as a magnate within Dongfeng Motor Corporation's illustrious lineup, Voyah is reimagining the contours of luxury in the electric vehicle space. Driven by a passion for extravagance, innovation, and ground-breaking technology, Voyah is not just redefining luxury electric mobility—it's inviting you to partake in a journey marked by flair, comfort, and ecological responsibility.

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