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⚡ EV Charging Stations Manufacturing Company.

WALTHER-WERKE - Today, more than 400 employees work within the group of companies to develop, manufacture and sell CEE-type plug devices, socket combinations, industrial connectors, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, switchgear and transformer substations. As a global company, WALTHER-WERKE is represented with its products and services in all major markets of the world. In addition to over 60 independent trading partners, the WALTHER Group also has 100% subsidiaries in the US, UK, France and Austria. They are mainly represented in the markets by sales and partly by production activities in order to optimally serve our customers and partners. The core of WALTHER-WERKE's strategic orientation is complete systems in individual areas of application. With our unique range of transformer substations, switchgears, socket combinations and plug systems, we connect electricity consumers to the power supply network in the construction, leisure, industry and transport sectors.

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