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Updated: 24 June 2024



⚡ Electric Cars Manufacturing Company.

Welcome to the electrifying cosmos of WELTMEISTER, a titan in the electric automobile domain. In the frosty month of January 2015, WELTMEISTER, known in some circles as WM Motor, commenced its odyssey towards electrification dominance. Infused with an ethos of global collaboration, cutting-edge technology, and sprawling R&D, this conglomerate has carved out a niche for itself, destined to offer Chinese customers not just vehicles, but a veritable lifestyle on wheels.

The Odyssey of WELTMEISTER

Amidst the cacophony of automobile innovation, WELTMEISTER stood out in 2015, a beacon of determination to redefine the electric vehicle (EV) sphere. Harnessing a coterie of global intellects and a plethora of tech and manufacturing marvels, it has burgeoned into an indomitable force in the EV arena. Home to over 2,500 mavens spread across Germany, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, and Wenzhou, WELTMEISTER's brilliance is propelled by ambition and expertise.

Excellence in Innovation and Customer Delight

Sprinkled with a dash of innovation, WELTMEISTER's philosophy transcends the conventional. A relentless pursuit for service magnificence and an enhanced driver saga orchestrates a symphony of customer elation. Marrying avant-garde tech with visionary strategies, WELTMEISTER constructs vehicles that are not just modes of transportation but bastions of superb craftsmanship.

Glimpse into the WELTMEISTER Product Ensemble

And now, allow us a jaunt through WELTMEISTER's illustrious product armory:


A virtuoso hymn to automotive finesse, the WELTMEISTER EV1 is a harbinger of the eco-motoring future. Clad in an aesthetic allure, featuring top-tier innovations and gallant eco-efficiency, the EV1 is a masterstroke in modern transit, offering an expeditionary range tailored for today’s voyager.


An artful amalgam of versatility and vogue, the WELTMEISTER X2 navigates urban mazes and open roads with equal panache. Its vivacious driving experience, anchored by smart technology and a green powertrain, positions it as an ideal consort for the eco-aware chauffeur.


Straddling the line between muscular performance and refined aesthetics, the WELTMEISTER S3 is an electrifying constellation in motion. Boasting a dynamic facade and an invigorating electric drivetrain, the S3 is sprinkled with cutting-edge safety and connectivity features, setting new benchmarks in the EV realm.

Embarking on the WELTMEISTER Journey

Opting for WELTMEISTER transcends the mere acquisition of an electric chariot; it's an allegiance to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Revel in our quest to redraw the contours of electric mobility and present Chinese motorists with unparalleled travel narratives.

Discover the expansive array of exceptional automobiles proffered by WELTMEISTER by visiting our website at Step into the future of electric motoring with WELTMEISTER!

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