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About Xiaodao Company

⚡ Electric Bicycles & Scooters Manufacturing Company.

Founded in 2003, Tianjin Baishan Electric bicycle Co., LTD., formerly known as Shenyang Baishan Bicycle Factory, was founded in 1936. The company has a long and glorious history of development. In the long river of history there has been a heavy brush. In memory of Mr. Xiao Dao, founder of Bai Shan Bicycle Factory, Mr. Wang Fengwei, founder of Tianjin Bai Shan electric bicycle Co., LTD., established the brand "Xiao Dao" in 2003. Now the company has a small island, white mountain another independent brand, mainly operating small island brand electric bicycles. Tianjin factory covers an area of more than 20 mu, with advanced production and testing equipment, with an annual capacity of more than 300,000 vehicles. After 18 years of hard work, the company has perfected its products. Now the company's products have been exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad, before and after the island electric cars exported to Kenya, Ethiopia and many other countries.

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