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Zongshen Motor

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Updated: 14 June 2024

What is Zongshen Motor?

Company "Zongshen Motor"

⚡ Electric Motorcycles Manufacturing Company.

Zongshen Motor: A Leading Electric Motorcycles Manufacturer

Zongshen Motor, nestled under the expansive wing of Zongshen Industrial Group, carves out a notable niche as a keystone within this colossal conglomerate. Distinguished for its extensive activities, Zongshen Motorcycle sets the bar high, spearheading the production and dissemination of motorcycles, E-bikes, and an array of spare parts for motorcycles and automobiles alike. The establishment proudly unfolds its vast operations across several divisions – including the realms of two-wheelers, electric bicycles, injection molding, welding, painting, while not forgetting their flourishing presence in South China and their avant-garde R&D center – manifesting Zongshen Motorcycle's unwavering dedication to superiority and innovation.

Setting New Standards in the Industry

Boasting assets that climb over the towering figure of RMB 1.18 billion, and a brigade of more than 3,000 dedicated souls, Zongshen Motorcycle shines in its scale and might in manufacturing prowess. With its prodigious annual capacity to birth 4 million motorcycles, E-bikes, and tri-wheelers, alongside assembling over 7 million vital components, the company etches new benchmarks in the industry, gifting the globe high-caliber products that resonate with the tastes and inclinations of customers from every corner of the planet.

Discover the Range of Zongshen Motor's Products

In the diverse ecosystem of the market, Zongshen Motor emerges as the beacon for variety. Whether it's galloping across tough terrains on a muscular motorcycle or weaving through city traffic on an environmentally gentle E-bike, Zongshen Motor spreads its wings to envelop your desires. Beyond the vehicles, their expansive repository of spare parts and components stands as a lighthouse of reliability, guaranteeing your rides remain smooth, stable, and enduring.

Trust in Zongshen Motor's Legacy of Excellence

A legacy steeped in excellence, coupled with an unyielding pursuit of customer delight, propels Zongshen Motor forward in its significant strides within the electric motorcycle domain. By casting its sails with advanced facilities, fervent R&D pursuits, and a thirst for technological breakthroughs, Zongshen Motor anchors itself as the harbinger of trust for motorcycle aficionados and electric vehicle devotees alike.

To plunge into the exhilarating roster of products championed by Zongshen Motor, a voyage to their official digital domain is in order. Embrace the sheer force, performance, and dependability that earmarks Zongshen Motor's electric motorcycles.

In sum, Zongshen Motor emerges as a frontrunner in the fabrication of electric motorcycles, traditional motorcycles, E-bikes, and a plethora of spare components, all under the prestigious banner of Zongshen Industrial Group. With an arsenal of products and a relentless commitment to excellence, Zongshen Motor cements its status as a luminary in the sector. Opt for Zongshen Motor, and gear up for an electrifying odyssey aboard their state-of-the-art electric motorcycles.

To feast your eyes on the remarkable array of products brought to life by Zongshen Motor, a sojourn to their official digital haven is recommended.

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