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Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA

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Last updated: 27 July 2023
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What is Srivaru Motors?
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  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA 2
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  • Srivaru-Motors-SVM-PRANA
  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA 2
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  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA price
  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA 2
  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA 1
  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA 3
  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA price
  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA 2
  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA 1
  • Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA 3
Image credit: Srivaru Motors

Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA

Srivaru Motors SVM PRANA price:

US$ 3250

manufactured in  India 
motocycle type  City Bike 
sales start  2021 
range (km)  126 
max. speed  123 
transmission  Clutchless direct drive 
battery (kWh)  4.32 
0 to100 km/h 
power (h.p.)  5.36 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

SVM PRANA Electric Bike: A Revolutionary City Bike with Amazing Specs

Perched upon the cusp of innovation, the SVM PRANA emerges as a beacon of progress in the bustling metropolis. Crafted with finesse by Srivaru Motors (SVM), a dauntless EV start-up nestled in the heart of India, this electric bike is more than just a mode of transport. It's a declaration, a silent but powerful statement, on the shift towards sustainable energy. SVM's audacious aim? To metamorphosize the two-wheeler cosmos with machines that don't just promise, but deliver on safety, performance, and coziness—all whilst being gentle on Mother Earth.

SVM PRANA Specifications and Inviting Variants

Diving into the heart of the SVM PRANA, we find a 4.32 kWh model that splinters into three riveting variants: CLASS, GRAND, and ELITE. Though the selection presents a tantalizing choice, the urban warrior's eyes are currently set on the Prana GRAND and Prana ELITE, the two stalwarts available for conquest.

Unparalleled Performance and Range

The core of the SVM PRANA, a 4.32 kWh juggernaut, harbors a motor with enough vim to generate a thunderous 5.36 horsepower. It’s akin to summoning a lightning bolt on command; allowing the rider to bolt from 0 to 100 km/h in mere 4 seconds—a feat that can set the pulse racing. A clutchless direct-drive transmission stands guard, ensuring that the ride is as silk-smooth as it is swift.

Stellar Battery Life and Exploration Range

Equipped with a 4.32 kWh battery pack, the SVM PRANA carves its path with a commendable range of 126 kilometers off a single charge. For the urbanites, it's akin to holding a key to the city—unleashing endless explorations without the dread of a dry tank. And for the more audacious souls, the Prana ELITE stretches this horizon to an astounding 225 kilometers, ensuring that your adventures are limited only by your imagination.

Eco-Conscious Urban Travel

At its essence, the SVM PRANA champions the cause of the planet. In an era where the clarion call for environmental stewardship rings louder than ever, this electric bike stands as a paragon of eco-friendly mobility. Promoting renewable energy through every whir, it’s a testament to SVM's commitment to a greener, cleaner tomorrow.

Availability and Affordability

With a price tag of $3250, the SVM PRANA positions itself as a tempting choice for those on the lookout for an electric bike that doesn’t skimp on performance for affordability. As eco-consciousness permeates the ethos of urban dwellers, the SVM PRANA’s popularity is poised for an upward trajectory—a harbinger of cleaner, greener urban expanses.


In the grand tapestry of urban mobility, the SVM PRANA Electric Bike emerges as a harbinger of change. It amalgamates the thrill of acceleration with the principles of sustainability, setting the stage for a future where commutes are not just about reaching destinations, but about preserving our world. With capabilities that extend beyond the ordinary, SVM PRANA invites you to partake in the jubilation of riding an electric city bike that’s as kind to the planet as it is exhilarating to ride.

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