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Last updated: 27 July 2023
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What is Ubco Bikes?
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  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 1
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  • UBCO-2x2-ADV
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 1
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 2
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 3
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV price
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 1
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 2
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 3
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV price
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 1
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 2
  • UBCO 2x2 ADV 3
Image credit: Ubco Bikes

UBCO 2x2 ADV Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new UBCO 2x2 ADV

UBCO 2x2 ADV price:

US$ 4999

manufactured inNew Zeland
motocycle typeOff-road
sales start2023
range (km)120
max. speed48
transmissionClutchless direct drive
battery (kWh)3.1
0 to100 km/hunknown
power (h.p.)3.2

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

UBCO 2x2 ADV Electric Bike: Mastering the Off-Tracks

Greetings, dear enthusiasts of the electrified two-wheeled steeds! Let us journey into the heart of New Zealand, where the UBCO 2x2 ADV Electric Bike was forged by the blueprints of innovation. Dubbed as a muscled-up electric mule, this creature of the tracks serves as an exemplar specimen of how one might tame the wild outdoors without a fuss or a plume of exhaust smoke. It's not merely a bike; it's a beacon of adventure, illuminated by the latest in electric propulsion.

Main Specifications of the UBCO 2x2 ADV Electric Bike

Powered by a 3.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, the UBCO 2x2 ADV is not your typical weekend cruiser; it's an untamed beast with a penchant for dirt and a heart of electrons. Available in two flavors, 'Adventure' and 'Work,' this bike is more adaptable than a Swiss army knife in the paws of a particularly dexterous bear. Whether you're planning to redefine the boundaries of off-road exploration or simply need a reliable steed for the daily grind, UBCO's marvel has you covered.

A Hearty Fusion of Utility and Thrills

In an era where the concrete jungle and the natural wilderness are equally tantalizing arenas of exploration, the UBCO 2x2 ADV 'Adventure' model emerges as a noble steed. This version boasts of being road-registered, equipped with a digital dashboard, audibly pleasing signals, and luminous turn indicators. Its tyres, a symphony of rubber and air, sing a tune of versatility, gripping with ease the untamed soil of the wilderness and the sleek sheen of urban asphalt.

Integrating Intelligence with Pulse-Raising Excitement

The bike’s intelligent application integration transforms a mundane ride into a symphony of information and control. Offering real-time data on your steed’s pulse and braking spirit, this feature is akin to having a conversation with the bike as you leapfrog from one adventure to the next. It's not just riding; it's conversing with the wind, guided by the whispers of technological genius.

Diverse Adventures Await the UBCO 2x2 ADV Rider

Not content to lazily bask in the accolades of its versatility, the UBCO 2x2 ADV proves its mettle as a workhorse. From farm to fierce backcountry, its robust build and tactful design ensure that it's not merely a vehicle but a companion for both adrenaline-packed escapades and the humdrum rhythms of daily tasks.

Combining Economy with Eco-Consciousness

A marvel to the eco-warrior and the budget-savvy rider alike, this electric bike turns heads not only with its sleek design but also with its astonishingly low operational costs. Fully charging this electric steed requires less than what most spend on their morning coffee, making it a guardian of both the environment and your wallet.

In conclusion, the UBCO 2x2 ADV Electric Bike stands as a testament to the ingenuity of electric propulsion, seamlessly merging the primal joy of off-road adventures with the necessities of modern life. It empowers riders to breach the limits of their exploration, all the while treading lightly on the tapestry of nature. So, strap on your helmet, and let's charge into the horizon with UBCO’s electrifying symphony of progress.

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