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Velocifero Race X Price and Specs

Last updated: 27 February 2024
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What is Velocifero?
  • Velocifero Race X price
  • Velocifero Race X specs
  • Velocifero Race X overview
  • Velocifero Race X review
  • Velocifero Race X price
  • Velocifero Race X specs
  • Velocifero Race X overview
  • Velocifero Race X review

Velocifero Race X Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Velocifero Race X

Velocifero Race X price:

US$ 8150

manufactured inChina
motocycle typeMotard
sales start2024
range (km)170
max. speed110
transmissionClutchless direct drive
battery (kWh)6.4
power (h.p.)9

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Velocifero Race X Video Review

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Video Review on Velocifero Race X
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The Dawn of Velocifero Race X: Specs and Overview

The Velocifero Race X, conceived in the bustling innovation hubs of China and tagged with a starting price of $8,150, shatters the monochrome of conventional designs with its motard allure, a brainchild of the illustrious Alessandro Tartarini. This electric steed, emerging from a lineage dedicated to electric marvels, offers a striking mélange of style and mechanical efficiency. Flaunting a commendable range of 170 km and a sprinting capability of up to 110 km/h, its clutchless direct drive and a stalwart 6.4 kWh battery are crowned by a power surge of 9 horsepower, staking its claim amidst the electric motorcycle connoisseurs as a worthy adversary to 125cc internal combustion counterparts.

Illuminating Features: Interior, Exterior, and Performance

Distinctiveness is the Race X's watchword, parading an assemblage of features that cast the spotlight firmly on its performance theatrics. Its skeleton, boasting an inverted fork and a monoshock rear suspension, assures agility and a silken traverse across diverse terrains. Rolling valiantly on 17-inch and 15-inch spoke wheels, shod in the embrace of Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires, it commands unparalleled adhesion. The braking tableau is a symphony of precision, with dual 320 mm front disc brakes, radial calipers, and four pistons engendering unyielding stopping prowess, propelling the Race X to velocities reaching 110 km/h.

Adorned further by full LED lighting, the Race X basks in efficiency and unparalleled visibility under celestial or murky conditions alike. A 5-inch TFT display serves as the rider's crystal orb, revealing the steed's operational secrets, complemented by four riding modes that tailor the journey to the beckoning road.

Pricing and Availability: A Closer Look

While the vellum of distribution narratives remains cryptic for several domains, Italy's grandeur will welcome the Race X into its showrooms come March 2024, with a price tag of €7,600. A palette of hues including yellow, red, white, and gray beckons, inviting prospective owners to inscribe their personal chapters to this electrifying saga.

Technical Specifications: A Deep Dive

  • Motor Configuration: Rear-wheel drive, 72V system
  • Power and Torque: A commanding 7 kW motor unleashing 220 Nm of torque
  • Velocity and Endurance: Capped at 110 km/h, with a range unfurling up to 170 km
  • Energy Source: A 6,480 Wh Lithium bastion, rejuvenatable in merely 2.5 hours
  • Suspension System: A harmonious duality of inverted telescopic fork upfront and a double swingarm, central mono-shock at the posterior
  • Braking Dynamics: Dual 320 mm front discs and a 225 mm rear disc, orchestrating formidable deceleration
  • Tire Dimensions: Front: 120/70-17, Rear: 160/60-15
  • Physical Stature: Stretches 2,010 mm x 760 mm x 1,120 mm, tipping the scales at 153 kg (battery inclusive)

The Promise of Velocifero Race X: Range, Style, and Affordability

The Velocifero Race X ensnares the gaze not merely with its aesthetic grace but through its tantalizing pricing of $8,150. It introduces itself as a harmonious offering in the electric motorcycle market, courting up to 170 km of spirited adventure on a solitary charge. Weighing in at 153 kg, battery embraced, it performs a ballet of mobility and pragmatism, unfurling an enticing prospectus for those in pursuit of performance garbed in panache.

Looking Ahead: The Electric Horizon

As the Velocifero Race X primes itself to etch its trajectory in the electric mobility sector, it transcends mere transport; it heralds a vision of the morrow. With anticipation swelling around its debut and more elucidations on the horizon, enthusiasts and prospective claimants are implored to attune to Velocifero's broadcasts for the latest annals.