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CSC ES5 Electric Scooter Price and Specs

Last updated: 18 October 2023
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What is CSC?
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CSC ES5 Electric Scooter Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new CSC ES5 Electric Scooter

CSC ES5 Electric Scooter price:

US$ 5295

manufactured inUSA
range (km)110
max. speed (km/h)85
bicycle typeMoped-Style
battery (kWh)Li-ion, 60V31Ah
sales start2024

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

CSC ES5 Electric Scooter Video Review

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Overview: CSC ES5 Electric Scooter

Galloping into the electric scooter fray, the CSC ES5 asserts itself as a formidable force against the well-established goliaths of the industry. With an intoxicating concoction of velocity, might, and economic accessibility, this scooter manifests CSC's unwavering dedication to peak performance and groundbreaking innovation.

Challenging the Status Quo: CSC's Bold Venture

Veering away from their petrol-powered lineage, CSC Motorcycles, a stalwart based in the sunny vicinities of Southern California, took the electric plunge in 2018. Their electrifying odyssey has thus far been sprinkled with four distinct models, each serving diverse commuting appetites. The ES5 emerges as their freshest progeny in the electric lineup, crafting a bridge between the nostalgically-styled Monterey and the Herculean CSC RX1E.

Speed & Performance:

The CSC ES5, boasting a zenith of 85 km/h, slots seamlessly into virtually any urban thoroughfare. Although not suited for long interstate escapades, its velocity situates it as an impeccable ally for city-bound jaunts. Powered by a centrally poised 5 kW motor (which can surge to 8 kW), this scooter is synonymous with exhilarating escapades.

Battery & Range:

Furnished with a trio of 60V, 31Ah lithium-ion batteries, voyagers reap the benefits of an amalgamated capacity of 5.58 kWh. This arrangement avails a praiseworthy range of 110 km at a cruising velocity of 50 km/h. CSC's range forecasts are notably anchored in realism, often mirroring the genuine experiences of riders.

Price Point & Competition:

The ES5, with a sticker price of $5,295 (beginning at $4,995 plus $410 dealer fees), slices through the competition with significant financial leverage. For perspective, the NIU MQi Sport Extended Range commands $6,199, yielding less in speed, battery prowess, and motor fortitude. While NIU boasts some advantages such as a multifaceted app and a broader dealership network, the ES5 unmistakably delivers superior value.

Additional Features:

But the CSC ES5 is no mere electric scooter. It is an arsenal adorned with:

  • Keyless ignition
  • A dazzling TFT display
  • Bluetooth audio faculties
  • A dash camera to chronicle voyages
  • Capacity for duo ridership, complete with rear clutch bars

CSC swathes the ES5 in customization potential with three eye-catching color schemes. With the commencement of pre-orders, a refundable lodgment of $300 guarantees that prospective buyers can stake their claim on an ES5.


On the cusp of reimagining the essence of electric scootering, the CSC ES5 Electric Scooter melds performance, utility, and affordability into a symphonic masterpiece. As the delivery timeline draws nearer, the electric vehicle sector holds its breath for the seismic ripples this model is set to generate. CSC's declaration is unambiguous: they are not just participating, they are poised to lead and redefine.