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Eunorau JUMBO Price and Specs

What is Eunorau?
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  • Eunorau JUMBO price
  • Eunorau JUMBO 1
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  • Eunorau JUMBO 3

Eunorau JUMBO Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Eunorau JUMBO

Eunorau JUMBO price:

US$ 1699

manufactured inChina
range (km)40
max. speed (km/h)35
bicycle typeRoad Bike
battery (kWh)0.77

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Eunorau JUMBO Video Review

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Video Review on Eunorau JUMBO
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Eunorau JUMBO 0.77 kWh Electric Bike Overview

Imagine a mechanical stallion, the Eunorau JUMBO 0.77 kWh, designed for those who dare to dominate the urban jungle and beyond. This electric bike, with its dark-hued LCD display that shines bright with numerics under the harsh gaze of the sun, turns heads and cuts through daylight with clarity. Its waterproof connectors whisper tales of resilience against the elements, showcasing battery life, velocity, and distance traversed, with an ingenious push mode for those steep inclines that demand respect and a bit of elbow grease.

Main Technical Specifications of the Eunorau JUMBO 0.77 kWh

A knight in shining armor, with its rear motor humming a tune of 1000 watts, the Eunorau JUMBO propels you forward with a fervor that's both exhilarating and sublime. This power plant doesn't just hum; it roars into the abyss with a swiftness that leaves the mundane world gasping in its wake. To combat the darkness, it dons a headlamp, not just any headlamp, but one juiced by the bike's own lifeforce. A flip of the switch on the handlebar control pad, and the path ahead becomes as clear as day, transforming night rides into an odyssey that even Homer would pause to admire.

The Price Tag of Riding Eunorau JUMBO 0.77 kWh

The acquisition of such a majestic steed doesn't just demand courage and an adventurous spirit; it also requires the willingness to part with a sum worthy of its prowess. The Eunorau JUMBO 0.77 kWh, with all its features of mechanics and magic, comes with a price. A price that whispers of exclusivity and beckons to those who seek not just a ride, but an experience. An investment in this marvel of engineering ensures not just mobility, but a statement that reverberates through the echelons of electric bike enthusiasts.

FAQ about Eunorau JUMBO 0.77 kWh Electric Bike

Q: How does the LCD display fare under direct sunlight?
A: Like a beacon in the night, the LCD display of the Eunorau JUMBO cuts through the brightest days with ease, ensuring your journey's details are always in your sight.

Q: Can the Eunorau JUMBO handle wet conditions?
A: Crafted with waterproof connectors, this steed scoffs at the elements, ready to charge through whatever Neptune throws its way.

Q: What is the secret behind its swift acceleration?
A: At its core hums a rear motor, with a heart pumping out 1000 watts of raw power, ready to whisk you away with an urgency that’s both thrilling and effortless.

To sum up, the Eunorau JUMBO 0.77 kWh doesn't just transport you from point A to B; it launches you on an epic tale of speed, resilience, and style. A beacon of modern transportation, it beckons to those bold enough to leap into the future of travel, with a price that mirrors its worth in every contour and capability.