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Eunorau SPECTER-ST Price and Specs

Last updated: 23 March 2023
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What is Eunorau?
  • Eunorau SPECTER-ST price
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  • Eunorau SPECTER-ST price
  • Eunorau SPECTER ST 1
  • Eunorau SPECTER ST 2
  • Eunorau SPECTER ST 3

Eunorau SPECTER-ST Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Eunorau SPECTER-ST

Eunorau SPECTER-ST price:

US$ 3799

manufactured inChina
range (km)128
max. speed (km/h)48
bicycle typeMountain Bike
battery (kWh)0.82

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Eunorau SPECTER-ST Video Review

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Video Review on Eunorau SPECTER-ST
Video review

Eunorau SPECTER-ST 0.82 kWh: An Electrifying Game-Changer on Two Wheels

Perched at the summit of electric two-wheeled conveyances, we find the Eunorau SPECTER-ST 0.82 kWh. This contraption isn't just any run-of-the-mill e-bike; oh no, it's the swiss army knife in the electric bicycle domain. Your curiosity might be piqued by its heart, the Bafang G510 (M620) engine - a titan amidst its counterparts in the Bafang lineup. Now, hold your horsepower, as we embark on a journey exploring this electric steed.

Main Technical Specifications: The Guts and Gears

Within the steel sinews of the Eunorau SPECTER-ST lies the Bafang G510 engine, a behemoth that doesn't just hum - it roars (metaphorically, of course, because it's still an e-bike). This juggernaut boasts a cornucopia of features. We're talking about a mid-drive engine, with a colossal 1000 watts of power, igniting the tarmac beneath with a torque sensor and a staggering 160 NM of torque.

But that's not all. For those who thrive on the adrenaline rush mountaineering on two wheels provides, this engine is your faithful companion. Featuring a throttle and pedal assist system, it ingeniously senses the vigor of your pedal push. Thus, transforming your muscular exertion into electric propulsion with an alchemical grace that would make Newton balk in amazement. In simpler terms, press harder, and it unerringly dishes out more power, making scaling mountainous terrains feel like a pleasant promenade.

The Price Tag: What's the Damage?

Alas, as with treasures hidden beneath the ocean or atop mythical mountains, the Eunorau SPECTER-ST doesn't broadcast its cost for the world to hear. As of writing, a clandestine veil shrouds its price, compelling would-be adventurers to seek out the information through means most modern - the company's official channel or authorized dealers. Brace yourselves, as the financial gauntlet could swing anywhere from reasonable to a king's ransom, depending on the bells and whistles accompanying this fine specimen.

Why The Eunorau SPECTER-ST Should Be Your Next Ride

Let's distill this down to the essence: why should you consider saddling the Eunorau SPECTER-ST as your noble steed in the e-bike kingdom? The answer lies not merely in its specs, which, by any measure, are formidable. Nor is it solely due to its pedigree or the cachet that the name Bafang brings. Rather, it's the symphony of these elements, combined with an intangible yet palpable sense of joy, freedom, and possibilities it offers to those who dare to mount it.

In an e-bike landscape as vast and variegated as ours, making the leap for the Eunorau SPECTER-ST means aligning yourself not just with power and performance, but with a creed. A creed that cherishes the wind in their hair, the thrill of the chase, and the pure, unadulterated joy of conquering terrains, both urban and untamed. This isn't just an e-bike; it's a declaration of independence, a herald of adventures to come.