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Maxus MIFA 7 Price and Specs

Last updated: 07 February 2024
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Maxus Manufacturing Company
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  • Maxus MIFA 7 interior
  • Maxus MIFA 7 price
  • Maxus MIFA 7 review
  • Maxus MIFA 7 release date
  • Maxus MIFA 7 specs
  • Maxus MIFA 7 exterior
  • Maxus MIFA 7 overview
  • Maxus MIFA 7 inside
  • Maxus MIFA 7 interior
Maxus MIFA 7 price

Maxus MIFA 7 Review ⚡

Technical Specifications, Price and Review on the new Maxus MIFA 7.

Maxus MIFA 7 price *:

36100 US$

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)605
battery (kWh)90
bus typeMPV
passengers (qty)7
SEATs (qty)6

* MINImum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Maxus MIFA 7 Detailed Overview

The Maxus MIFA 7, a state-of-the-art electric MPV from SAIC Maxus, stands as a testament to the brand's EVOlution and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology. This detailed overview aims to shed light on the Maxus MIFA 7, its specifications, design, and the value it brings to the increasingly competitive electric vehicle market.

Maxus MIFA 7 Specs and Price Insight

Maxus MIFA 7 Specs: Engineering for the Future

Manufactured with precision in China, the Maxus MIFA 7 emerges as a beacon in the realm of electric multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs).

With a range of 605 km on a single charge, powered by a 90 kWh battery, it sets a new standard for electric mobility in its class. Designed to accommodate up to 7 passengers across its 6 SEATs, the MIFA 7 combines space, comfort, and efficiency. Its electric motor, dElivering 245 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque, ensures that performance is never compromised, even when fully loaded.

Maxus MIFA 7 Price: Accessible Luxury

Priced at $36,100, the Maxus MIFA 7 positions itself as a premium yet accessible option for families and businesses alike, Looking to embrace electric mobility without sacrificing space or comfort.

Maxus MIFA 7 Interior: A Symphony of Technology and Comfort

The interior of the Maxus MIFA 7 is a marvel of modern automotive design. It features three interconnected 12.3-inch screens, providing drivers and passengers with an immersive digital experience. The absence of physical buttons, replaced by TOUCH "hot keys" for auxiliary systems, and the inclusion of wireless charging and cup holders, emphasize its futuristic design ethos. The SEATing configuration, especially in the six-seat version, offers unparalleled comfort and versatility, with the ability to rotate the second-row seat and fold the front passenger seat into a chaise lounge.

Maxus MIFA 7 Exterior: Distinctive and Dynamic

The Maxus MIFA 7 boasts a distinctive exterior with a blank panel and vertical Headlights that set it apart from its petrol counterpart, the G70, and indeed, from most vehicles on the road. Its dimensions, slightly larger in wheelbase than the G70, allow for an imposing presence while maintaining a compact form factor that is ideal for city driving and easy parking. Features like retractable door handles and the option for camera-based rear-view mirrors instead of traditional ones further accentuate its modernity and sleekness.

Maxus MIFA 7 Range and Release Date: Leading the Charge

With a staggering 605 km range, the Maxus MIFA 7 is at the forefront of electric vehicle technology, offering one of the longest ranges available in the MPV market. This capability ensures that it meets the needs of both daily commutes and longer journeys without the anxiety of frequent recharges. Launched in 2023, the MIFA 7 is already making waves in the Chinese market and is Poised to become a global contender in the electric MPV segment.

The Legacy of Maxus: From LDV to MIFA 7

The Maxus brand, inheriting the legacy of the British company LDV, has been transformed by SAIC into a powerhouse of electric and hybrid vehicles. The introduction of the MIFA 7 not only signifies Maxus's commitment to innovation but also showcases its ability to adapt and excel in the rapidly EVOlving automotive landscape.

Conclusion: The Maxus MIFA 7 as a Pioneer

The Maxus MIFA 7 is more than just an electric MPV; it is a declaration of Maxus's vision for the future of transportation. It embodies efficiency, innovation, and luxury, wrapped in an eco-friendly package that does not compromise on performance or comfort. As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, the Maxus MIFA 7 stands out as a pioneer, offering a glimpse into a future where electric mobility is synonymous with luxury, versatility, and sustainability.

Manufacturer: Maxus

Maxus MIFA 7 Video Review

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Video Review on Maxus MIFA 7
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