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Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M Price and Specs

Last updated: 01 August 2023
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  • Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M price
  • Citroen e Jumpy Combi M 1
  • Citroen e Jumpy Combi M 2
  • Citroen e Jumpy Combi M 3
  • Citroen e Jumpy Combi M 4
  • Citroen e Jumpy Combi M 6
  • Citroen e Jumpy Combi M 5

Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M

Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M price:

US$ 58200

manufactured inFrance
sales start2020
range (km)395
battery (kWh)75
max. speed (km/h)130
0 to100 km/h13.3
power (h.p.)136
car type
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M Video Review

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Video Review on Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M
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Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M: Electrifying Versatility Unleashed

Unveiling the Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M - a conjuring of capacity and eco-friendliness in one tidy electric package.

An Intricate Look at the Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M – Where Efficiency Meets Practicality

In the bustling world of electric minivans, the Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M emerges as a harmonious blend of traditional virtues and contemporary electric propulsion. This electric minivan, with its voluminous storage, snug interiors, and nimble figure, caters adeptly to diverse factions. With a commendable payload ability of 1275 kg and towing capacity reaching 1,000 kg, it asserts itself as a steadfast ally in the workforce.

Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M Specs: Defining Space and Adaptability

With its sights on versatility, Citroen parades the e-Jumpy Combi M in three different statures, including an XS variant stretching 4.60 meters. Whether you choose the XS, M, or XL, cargo space unfurls from 4.6 cubic meters to a cavernous 6.6 cubic meters. Euro pallets find a cozy abode in its 1.25-meter-wide hold, while a ceiling standing shy of 1.90 meters ensures unfettered passage through tight spaces and underground car parks.

Battery Selection and Electric Prowess

Prospective owners face a delightful quandary between two lithium-ion batteries: a 50 kWh unit promising a range of up to 230 kilometers and a heftier 75 kWh one for journeys extending to 330 kilometers (WLTP). Whether 18 or 27 modules, these batteries nestle ingeniously within the chassis, ensuring cargo space remains uninhibited. The e-Jumpy Combi M is a progeny of Groupe PSA's EMP2 platform, symbolizing efficiency and adaptability.

Might and Modes of Motoring

Flexing an output of 100 kW (136 horsepower) complemented by 260 Nm of torque, the e-Jumpy Combi M stands out as the quintessential companion for trades and craftsmanship. Through its three motoring modes - Eco, Normal, and Power - it adapts seamlessly to diverse operational needs. Eco mode curtails power employment to enhance efficiency, Normal mode ensures a balance, and in Power mode, the e-Jumpy Combi M flaunts its full mettle, irrespective of load.

Assurances and Velocity

Peace of mind is part and parcel of the package with the e-Jumpy Combi M, thanks to an electric drive and battery warranty stretching 8 years or 160,000 km. Its top velocity of 130 km/h across all motoring modes entwines efficiency with astute performance.

Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M – A Symphony of Space and Eco-Friendliness

In essence, the Citroen e-Jumpy Combi M emerges not just as a spacious electric minivan but as a beacon of practicality. Its formidable cargo space, zippy electric powertrain, and adaptable driving modes weave together to craft a minivan that not only promises to meet a myriad of needs but redefines what we expect from the electric mobility of tomorrow.