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Forthing S60 EV

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Last updated: 29 June 2024
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  • Forthing S60 EV range
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  • Forthing S60 EV interior
  • Forthing-S60-EV
  • Forthing S60 EV exterior
  • Forthing S60 EV overview
  • Forthing S60 EV range
  • Forthing S60 EV review
  • Forthing S60 EV specs
  • Forthing S60 EV interior
  • Forthing S60 EV price
  • Forthing S60 EV exterior
  • Forthing S60 EV overview
  • Forthing S60 EV range
  • Forthing S60 EV review
  • Forthing S60 EV specs
  • Forthing S60 EV price
  • Forthing S60 EV exterior
  • Forthing S60 EV overview
  • Forthing S60 EV range
  • Forthing S60 EV review
  • Forthing S60 EV specs
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Forthing S60 EV Review ⚡

What is Forthing S60 EV?

Forthing S60 EV is a luxury electric sedan designed for modern, eco-conscious drivers. It features a sleek design, powerful electric motor, and advanced technology. Ideal for both city and highway driving, it offers a premium, efficient, and sustainable transportation solution with a focus on comfort and performance.

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Forthing S60 EV

Forthing S60 EV price:

US$ 18040

manufactured in  China 
sales start  2023 
range (km)  430 
battery (kWh)  55 
max. speed (km/h)  150 
power (h.p.)  163 
car type  sedan 
drive type  FWD 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Dongfeng Forthing S60 EV: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility

Dongfeng Motor Corporation has unveiled its latest innovation in the electric vehicle sector, the Forthing S60 EV. Renowned for quality and ingenuity, Dongfeng's latest offering is a testament to their commitment to sustainable, green transportation. Boasting sophisticated technology and sleek design, the Forthing S60 EV is a compact powerhouse that's leading the charge in modern electric mobility.

Key Features and Performance of the Forthing S60 EV

The Forthing S60 EV is driven by a cutting-edge electric motor that churns out 163 horsepower. A key highlight of the vehicle is its exceptional driving range; a full charge enables the EV to cover an impressive 430 kilometers (267 miles), putting many competitors to shame. Whether for urban commutes or longer journeys, the S60 EV ensures range anxiety is a relic of the past.

Under the sleek hood, you'll find a 55 kWh battery engineered for efficiency and durability. The versatile charging system allows for rapid energy replenishment, whether at public stations or at home. Additionally, the regenerative braking system optimizes energy use, ensuring efficient performance without wastage.

Interior Design and Comfort

Dongfeng has meticulously crafted the interior of the Forthing S60 EV to exude luxury and comfort. Featuring high-quality materials, the spacious cabin offers ample room for both passengers and cargo. The intuitive touchscreen dashboard interface provides easy control over the vehicle’s functions, with connectivity options to keep you constantly in touch.

With attention to stretch and space, the design ensures a plush experience for travelers, seamlessly blending the advantages of modern technology with elegant comfort.

Driving Experience and Handling

Driving the Forthing S60 EV is pure pleasure, thanks to its responsive handling and seamless acceleration. The electric motor delivers instant torque, allowing rapid and silent acceleration, making city navigation smooth and effortless. Furthermore, the low center of gravity enhances stability, offering a balanced ride even at top speeds.

Eco-Friendly Engineering

Dongfeng has prioritized eco-friendliness in creating the Forthing S60 EV. Sustainable materials and a fully recyclable design ensure that this vehicle leaves a minimal carbon footprint. Owning an S60 EV means contributing to a greener planet without compromising on performance or style.

Market Positioning and Price

Positioned as a formidable contender in the electric sedan market, the Forthing S60 EV stands out with its blend of affordability and advanced features. Priced at a competitive US$ 18,040 (approximately € 17,100 or £ 15,500), this model offers tremendous value given its myriad features and eco-friendly credentials.

In 2023, as the Forthing S60 EV hits the roads across China, it is poised to make a significant impact in the electric vehicle landscape, challenging established players and paving the way for future advancements in electric mobility.

Forthing S60 EV: A Paradigm Shift in Green Transportation

Dongfeng's Forthing S60 EV is a sterling example of where the future of urban mobility is headed. A combination of innovative tech, impressive performance metrics, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability makes this EV a leader in its segment. As Dongfeng continues to push the boundaries, the S60 EV serves as both a remarkable vehicle and a beacon of the exciting trajectory of the automotive world.

Forthing S60 EV Video Review

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Video Review on Forthing S60 EV
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F.A.Q. about Forthing S60 EV:

What is the range of an electric vehicle on a single charge?

The Forthing S60 EV offers a remarkable range of 430 km (267 miles) on a full charge, making it ideal for both city commutes and longer journeys.

How long does it take to fully charge an electric vehicle?

The charging time can vary based on the charging station. Typically, using a fast public charger, the Forthing S60 EV can be charged up in a few hours, whereas a home charger might take longer.

Are electric vehicles more expensive than gasoline cars?

While the initial purchase price of the Forthing S60 EV is competitively set at US$ 18,040 (€ 17,100 or £ 15,500), electric vehicles often offer savings in the long term with reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

What are the maintenance requirements for electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles like the Forthing S60 EV have fewer moving parts, resulting in less frequent maintenance requirements compared to traditional gasoline vehicles.

What is the price of a car?

The Dongfeng Forthing S60 EV is priced at US$ 18,040, approximately € 17,100 or £ 15,500, making it a cost-effective option in the electric vehicle market.

What is a battery capacity?

The Forthing S60 EV is equipped with a 55 kWh battery, providing substantial storage for extended ranges and efficient performance.

What is the top speed?

The vehicle reaches a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph), ensuring competent performance even at higher speeds.

Comparison of Forthing S60 EV:

Dongfeng Forthing S60 EV: Urban Mobility Redefined

The Forthing S60 EV by Dongfeng is an embodiment of advanced electric mobility. Powered by a state-of-the-art 163 hp electric motor, this sleek sedan offers an impressive range of 430 km on a 55 kWh battery. With a top speed of 150 km/h and versatile charging options, it promises a comfortable, eco-friendly ride, making it a perfect choice for city commutes and longer journeys alike.

Comparing the Forthing S60 EV with Top Competitors

It's time to pit the Forthing S60 EV against some of its fiercest competitors in the same class: the Nissan Leaf, the Chevrolet Bolt EV, and the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Range: The Forthing S60 EV’s 430 km range towers over the Nissan Leaf's 363 km, closely matches the Chevrolet Bolt EV’s 416 km, and is just shy of the Hyundai Kona Electric’s 480 km. This sedan ensures you can travel without constantly hunting for charging stations, making it an urban warrior with extra stamina for longer hauls.

Acceleration and Power: With 163 horses under its hood, the Forthing S60 EV offers a respectable performance. Although it doesn't outperform the Chevrolet Bolt EV’s zippy 200 hp or the Hyundai Kona Electric’s 201 hp, it's hot on their heels, leaving the 147 hp Nissan Leaf eating dust at the lights. Instant torque makes city scooting effortless and engaging, if not downright grin-inducing.

Charging Time: The Forthing S60 EV boasts adaptable charging options. While specifics on charging speeds are murky, the ease of rapid charging at public stations or leisurely overnight charging at home is a welcome convenience. The Nissan Leaf offers a fast-charging time of about 40 minutes to 80%, with the Chevrolet Bolt EV clocking a similar recharge period. The Hyundai Kona Electric lets you juice up to 80% in just under an hour. The S60 EV dances in this competitive tango with elegance and efficiency.

Price: The Forthing S60 EV enters the market with an enticing price tag of US$ 18,040, setting a tantalizing benchmark. Compare this with the Nissan Leaf starting around US$ 27,400, the Chevrolet Bolt EV at US$ 31,000, and the Hyundai Kona Electric tipping scales at US$ 34,000. The S60 EV emerges as the thriftiest option, offering incredible value without corner-cutting on features.

Pros and Cons Clarksonian Style

Forthing S60 EV: Fancy a guilt-free romp around town? The S60 EV delivers. Pros: Top-tier range, wallet-friendly pricing, spacious interior. Cons: Not the fastest off the blocks, but do we really need to drag race in an EV?

Nissan Leaf: It’s been the poster child for mainstream EVs. Pros: It's like your sensible friend – always reliable. Cons: Range and power lag behind newer rivals.

Chevrolet Bolt EV: Nimbler than a caffeinated squirrel. Pros: Speedy and fun. Cons: Higher price tag might give you a jolt.

Hyundai Kona Electric: A sleek mix of style and substance. Pros: Best range in class. Cons: The priciest of the bunch, leaving your wallet lighter.

The Verdict

The Dongfeng Forthing S60 EV stands tall amidst fierce competition, offering superb range, practical power, and a price that seems too good to be true. While it might not be the speed demon of the electric realms, it more than makes up with its eco-friendly heart, luxurious comfort, and accessible price point. The future of urban mobility looks brimming with promise, and the S60 EV is a testament to that optimistic horizon.