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Hongqi EHS7

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Last updated: 01 July 2024
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What is HongQi?
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  • Hongqi-EHS7
  • Hongqi EHS7 specs
  • Hongqi EHS7 range
  • Hongqi EHS7 exterior
  • Hongqi EHS7 overview
  • Hongqi EHS7 review
  • Hongqi EHS7 interior
  • Hongqi EHS7 price
  • Hongqi EHS7 specs
  • Hongqi EHS7 range
  • Hongqi EHS7 exterior
  • Hongqi EHS7 overview
  • Hongqi EHS7 review
  • Hongqi EHS7 price
  • Hongqi EHS7 specs
  • Hongqi EHS7 range
  • Hongqi EHS7 exterior
  • Hongqi EHS7 overview
  • Hongqi EHS7 review
Image credit: HongQi

Hongqi EHS7 Review ⚡

What is Hongqi EHS7?

Hongqi EHS7 is a luxury electric SUV designed for modern drivers. It features a sophisticated design, advanced electric propulsion, and a range of high-tech amenities. Ideal for those seeking a premium, eco-friendly driving experience, it offers impressive performance, comfort, and sustainability.

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Hongqi EHS7

Hongqi EHS7 price:

US$ 80000

manufactured in  China 
sales start  2025 
max. speed (km/h)  200 
power (h.p.)  619 
car type  SUV / 5 doors 
drive type  AWD 

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

The epicenter of China's automotive renaissance has given birth to the Hongqi EHS7, propelling itself into the grand arena of luxury electric SUVs. Hongqi, synonymous with the emblematic "Red Flag," has been the ride of choice for China's dignitaries. However, the EHS7 propels Hongqi into a new era, competing with the priciest and plushest of electric SUVs, aiming to recalibrate its venerable legacy amidst the electrification wave.

Design and Aesthetics

Witnessing the Hongqi EHS7 is akin to seeing an automotive masterpiece. This SUV commands attention with a harmonious blend of traditional Chinese motifs and the muscle-bound contours characteristic of modern SUVs. The iconic Hongqi badge adorns the front grille, nestled between sleek LED headlights. The vehicle's body lines cascade elegantly, culminating in a stance that exudes both grace and strength. Inside, the EHS7 transforms into a realm of opulence. Every touchpoint is swathed in premium materials such as supple leather and finely varnished wood, creating an atmosphere that is both sumptuous and cutting-edge.

Performance and Technology

Beneath the stage – more precisely, under its floorboards – the EHS7 houses a formidable electric powertrain. This motor configuration bestows instantaneous torque, ensuring rapid acceleration and nimble overtakes. With a compelling range suitable for lengthy voyages, drivers are liberated from the constant worry of finding charging stations. But this SUV is not just brute force; it is a theater of advanced technologies. From state-of-the-art driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to an intuitive, avant-garde infotainment system, the EHS7 caters to the tech-forward driver.

Sustainability and Innovation

In alignment with contemporary EV principles, the EHS7 is an exemplar of sustainability. Its electric heart ensures a zero-emission footprint, actively contributing to cleaner air and a healthier globe. Hongqi's dedication to innovation is manifest in features such as its regenerative braking system, which recaptures kinetic energy to bolster its range. This synthesis of potent performance, lavish comfort, and environmental conscientiousness establishes the EHS7 as a prime choice for eco-conscious luxury enthusiasts seeking performance without compromise.

Technological Prowess and Luxe Inclusions

The Hongqi EHS7 is equipped with an arsenal of savvy technologies aimed at elevating the driving experience. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) manifest as intelligent safety features, guiding drivers through a myriad of road conditions with ease. The infotainment suite offers a seamless blend of connectivity and entertainment, ensuring every journey is both enjoyable and engaging. From augmented reality navigation to bespoke sound systems, the EHS7 ensures every drive is memorable.

A Statement of Heritage and Innovation

The EHS7 is not merely an electric SUV; it is a proclamation of China's automotive aspirations and technological dexterity within the expanding EV market. Its striking visuals, plush interiors, potent performance, and green credentials pitch it perfectly against the segment's established players. As Hongqi enlarges its EV portfolio, the EHS7 stands as a beacon of the brand's commitment to forging a future that marries tradition with innovation.

Hongqi EHS7 Video Review

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Video Review on Hongqi EHS7
Video review

F.A.Q. about Hongqi EHS7:

What is the range of the Hongqi EHS7 on a single charge?

The precise range of the Hongqi EHS7 can vary based on driving conditions and usage, but it is designed to support long journeys with a significant range.

How long does it take to fully charge the Hongqi EHS7?

The charging time for the Hongqi EHS7 can depend on the charging infrastructure, but fast chargers significantly reduce the total time required.

Are electric vehicles like the Hongqi EHS7 more expensive than gasoline cars?

While the initial costs for electric vehicles like the EHS7 (priced at approximately US$ 80,000) can be higher, lower running costs and incentives often offset this.

What are the maintenance requirements for the Hongqi EHS7?

Electric vehicles such as the Hongqi EHS7 typically have fewer moving parts compared to gasoline vehicles, resulting in reduced maintenance needs.

What is the price of the Hongqi EHS7?

The listed price of the Hongqi EHS7 is around US$ 80,000, reflecting its luxury status and advanced features.

What is the battery capacity of the Hongqi EHS7?

The Hongqi EHS7 is equipped with a high-capacity battery, ensuring robust performance and extended range.

Can the Hongqi EHS7 be charged at any charging station?

The Hongqi EHS7 is compatible with standard charging stations, ensuring convenience and ease of access for users.

What are the environmental benefits of the Hongqi EHS7?

The Hongqi EHS7, like other EVs, offers zero emissions, contributing to reduced pollution and a cleaner environment.

Will the Hongqi EHS7 qualify for government incentives or rebates?

Depending on the region, buying the Hongqi EHS7 could make one eligible for government incentives or rebates aimed at promoting electric vehicles.

Can the Hongqi EHS7 be used for long-distance travel?

Yes, the Hongqi EHS7 is designed with a substantial range, making it suitable for long-distance travel without frequent charging stops.

Comparison of Hongqi EHS7:

Hongqi EHS7: The Pinnacle of Chinese Luxury Electric SUVs

Behold the Hongqi EHS7, an opulent chariot that wants to redefine what you think about Chinese automotive engineering. This SUV steps up to face a veritable fleet of competitors in the premium electric SUV battleground, both homegrown and imported. But does the EHS7 have what it takes to eclipse its rivals? Let's take a detailed dive into the specs, performance metrics, and unique touches that make this formidable electric beast stand out.

Competitor #1: BYD Tang EV

The BYD Tang EV, another Chinese marvel, packs a solid punch with its dual electric motors producing 490 hp and 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The range? A commendable 310 miles. While the Hongqi EHS7 outguns it in pure horsepower with 619 hp, it is worth noting the Tang's efficiency and more accessible price point, hovering around US$ 58,000. The Tang falls short in the charging race, however, with its full charge time stretching out to eight hours, compared to Hongqi's faster charging capability.

Competitor #2: NIO ES8

Jumping over to the NIO ES8, a tech lover's dream with swappable batteries and autonomous driving features. It offers 536 hp and blitzes from 0-60 mph in a respectable 4.9 seconds. Yet, its 257-mile range fails to daunt the Hongqi EHS7's anticipated horizon. Interestingly, NIO's clever battery swap system cuts charging breaks to an impressive sub-five-minute pit stop, shadowing Hongqi's more traditional but quick charging stride. Just don't get too giddy with the price — it starts at roughly US$ 70,000, comfortably seating it in the same league as our protagonist.

Competitor #3: Tesla Model X

In Western realms, the Tesla Model X looms large, wielding dual motors with a sharp 670 hp thrust, hitting 0-60 mph in a jaw-dropping 2.5 seconds. Its range claims a loftier 333 miles, subtly nudging the Hongqi aside. The biggest heart flutters come from Tesla's Supercharging network, slicing downtime to a mere 15 minutes for a significant charge. Price-wise, it's a monolithic US$ 110,000 investment, leaving a formidable impression, yet substantially heftier on the wallet compared to Hongqi's US$ 80,000 tag.

Competitor #4: Audi e-tron

The Germanic precision of the Audi e-tron is a force not to be trifled with, boasting 402 hp and managing 0-60 mph in a steady 5.5 seconds. Its 222-mile range leaves something to be desired against the Hongqi. Audi, though, impresses with an inviting cabin drenched in luxury, and a price bordering on US$ 75,000 makes it an intriguing rival in the arena. Charging the e-tron is on par with standard expectations, yet without the particular flair Hongqi's regenerative backing provides.

A Glorious Contender

At a glance, the Hongqi EHS7 lashes through the competition with elegance and might, from its 619 hp prowess to a sustainable promise encased in luxury. It fuels the debate with both opulence and a technological edge, like the ADAS and plush interiors that spell out China's auto-future ambitions on a compelling page. With this grand ensemble, Hongqi stands firm, playing its electric lyre for both tech enthusiasts and planet-conscious aficionados alike. The road ahead in the premium electric SUV race just got a lot more exciting, thanks to the crimson banner waving high in the sky.