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Geely Geometry EX3 Price and Specs

Last updated: 13 November 2023
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What is GEELY?
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Geely Geometry EX3 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Geely Geometry EX3

Geely Geometry EX3 price:

US$ 9400

manufactured inChina
sales start2021
range (km)322
battery (kWh)37.23
max. speed (km/h)100
0 to100 km/h12.1
power (h.p.)95
car typeSUV / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Geely Geometry EX3 Video Review

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Video Review on Geely Geometry EX3
Video review

Geely Geometry EX3: Electrifying the SUV Market with Affordability

The Geometry EX3 from Geely is blazing a trail in the electric vehicle (EV) sphere, introducing itself as a beacon of affordability coupled with state-of-the-art technology and pragmatic design, redefining the electric mobility vista.

Manufactured Excellence

China's Synthesis of Quality and Creativity

Born from the industrious landscapes of China, the EX3 stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of global EV norms and Chinese manufacturing acumen, delivering a product of unmatched quality.

Geely Geometry EX3 Price: Pioneering Affordability

Carving a New Niche in EV Pricing

With a price tag that's easy on the wallet at $9,400 USD, the Geometry EX3 shatters market norms, making the dream of owning an electric SUV more tangible than ever before.

Technical Specifications: The Backbone of the EX3

A Deep Dive into the EX3's Technological Core

Here, we unravel the technical intricacies that serve as the lifeblood of the Geometry EX3, showcasing the engineering marvel that powers this extraordinary vehicle.

Range and Performance: The Driving Force Behind the EX3

Broadening Horizons with Remarkable Mileage

Boasting a 322-kilometer journey capability, the EX3 tackles the prevalent EV concern of range anxiety head-on. Suitable for city escapades or grand adventures, the EX3 positions itself as a reliable and convenient selection.

Design: Where Aesthetics Meet Practicality

Exterior: Marrying Sleekness with Effectiveness

The Geometry EX3 showcases a modern design philosophy, where each contour and line is crafted for aerodynamic finesse and allure.

Interior: Fusion of Comfort and High-Tech

Within its cabin, the EX3 fuses comfort with avant-garde technology. This segment scrutinizes the internal aesthetics, spotlighting the intuitive infotainment system and premium cabin materials.

Engine, Power, and Battery: Core Pillars of the EX3's Performance

Embracing Efficiency and Vigor

Endowed with a vigorous 95 horsepower electric motor alongside a 37.23 kWh battery, the EX3 delivers a serene and seamless motoring experience. Herein, we explore its powertrain proficiency and battery longevity.

Charging and Maintenance: Streamlining EV Ownership

Expedient Charging and Reduced Upkeep for Contemporary Motorists

With its rapid-charging feature, the EX3 guarantees minuscule downtime. Moreover, this section sheds light on its diminished maintenance demands in juxtaposition to conventional automobiles, accentuating enduring savings.

Safety and Reliability: Paramount Concerns

Sophisticated Safety for Serenity on the Road

The EX3 is armed to the teeth with cutting-edge safety systems, ensuring paramount protection for its passengers. This narrative outlines the vehicle's safety mechanisms, encompassing ADAS and sturdy airbag arrangements.

Build Quality and Warranty: A Pledge to Endurance

Exemplary Craftsmanship with All-Encompassing Warranty

Despite its friendly price point, the build quality of the Geometry EX3 is thoroughly explored in this section, alongside the extensive warranty that solidifies buyer assurance.

Market Positioning: The EX3's Role in the EV Arena

Asserting Dominance in the EV Sphere

When measured against its competitors, the EX3 differentiates itself through a unique concoction of affordability, attributes, and performance, raising the bar in the electric SUV category.

Market Impact: Forging the Path for Electric Mobility

Influencing the Trajectory of Electric Transport

The unveiling of the Geometry EX3 is set to dramatically influence the EV landscape, making electric conveyances more accessible and potentially altering the dynamics of the industry.

The Geometry EX3 transcends the confines of being merely an affordable electric SUV; it heralds a shift towards sustainable, efficient, and accessible transportation options. It personifies the ambitions of an emerging breed of motorists who value ecological stewardship without compromising on quality and efficacy.