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Hengchi 5 Price and Specs

What is Hengchi?
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  • Hengchi 5 specs
  • Hengchi 5 overview
  • Hengchi 5 exterior
  • Hengchi 5 review
  • Hengchi 5 range
  • Hengchi 5 interior
  • Hengchi 5 inside
  • Hengchi 5 price
  • Hengchi 5 specs
  • Hengchi 5 overview
  • Hengchi 5 exterior
  • Hengchi 5 review
  • Hengchi 5 range
  • Hengchi 5 interior
  • Hengchi 5 inside

Hengchi 5 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Hengchi 5

Hengchi 5 price:

US$ 26700

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)602
battery (kWh)73
max. speed (km/h)180
0 to100 km/h7.8
power (h.p.)204
car typeSUV / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Hengchi 5 Video Review

Logo of the Hengchi Manufacturing Company
Video Review on Hengchi 5
Video review

Hengchi 5: A Daring Leap into the Electric SUV Fray

Amidst the electric chariots of the 21st century, the Hengchi 5 made its debut, courtesy of China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group. With a sticker shock of merely $26,700, this contraption not only aims to capture hearts with its snazzy looks but also intends to offer bang for the buck in the fiercely contested electric vehicle arena.

Hengchi 5 - When Affordability Meets Avant-garde

Tagged at the alluring price of $26,700, the Hengchi 5 carves a niche for itself in the electric SUV market. This strategic pricing is a clarion call to diverse potential buyers, making it a lucrative prospect for those flirting with the idea of electric mobility.

Unleashing the Might of Hengchi 5

Core Strength and Dexterity

  • Power Thrust: A Herculean 204 horsepower (150 kW)
  • Acceleration: Zipping from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 7.8 seconds
  • Maximum Speed: A blistering 180 km/h

Mechanics of Motion

  • Thrust Mechanism: Front-Wheel Drive (FWD)
  • Twist and Shout: A burly 345 Nm ensuring nimble maneuvers

Stamina and Power Reserve

  • Endurance Run: An admirable 602 km on a singular charge
  • Power Cell Specs: A substantial 73 kWh batter, courtesy of CATL

Electrifying Refuel Solutions

  • Compatibility with Chargers: Welcomes both traditional domestic and speedy charging contrivances

Excellence in Design and Comfort with the Hengchi 5

Aesthetics of the Exterior

The Hengchi 5 struts on the stage with a modern design, featuring boomerang-shaped lights, voluminous fenders, and an aerodynamic roof spoiler. Its silhouette whispers of speed and style, further elevated by hidden door handles and trendy wheel covers.

Luxury of the Inner Sanctum

Step inside, and the Hengchi 5 greets you with a realm of elegance and futuristic allure. A trifecta of displays including a primary 14.6-inch screen, augmented by two 10.25-inch ones, provide a cockpit experience like no other. Not to mention accouterments such as wireless device charging, a start/stop ignition, and a steering wheel that feels both sporty and commanding.

Sophisticated Features and the Hengchi 5 Story

Synced with the Future

  • Tri-screen Ensemble: Integrated seamlessly with 5G and the Baidu cosmos
  • Infotainment Portal: A high-tech, user-friendly hub

Self-Guiding Capacities

  • Hengchi H-Pilot: L2 autonomous voyaging tech, inclusive of Lane Change Assist and Self-Park features

Ensuring a Safe Journey in the Hengchi 5

Albeit awaiting official safety accolades, the Hengchi 5 is expected to be armored with an array of protective measures, aligning with existing safety benchmarks.

Market Advent and Its Ripple Effects

Unleashed in 2023, the Hengchi 5 ventures into a battlefield infested with rivals. Nonetheless, its enthralling pricing and feature set crown it as a forwards and formidable contestant in the nascent electric SUV echelons.

Privileges Exclusively for Hengchi 5 Champions

Hengchi proffers distinct perks for Hengchi 5 patriots, including a 15-day refund promise, a perpetual warranty, maintenance, a gratis home charging station, infinite roadside assistance, and five years of complimentary onboard internet.

Ponderings on the Hengchi 5's Odyssey

The Hengchi 5 may shy from proclaiming dominance in the Chinese electric battlefield. Yet, its concoction of affordability, mileage, features, and exclusive incentives for purchasers renders it a tantalizing option for aspiring electric charioteers.

Ultimately, the Hengchi 5 aspires for more than mere acceptance in the electric SUV galaxy, aiming to forge a symphony of performance, futuristic tech, and value—a siren song for those in quest of an economically sensible electrified steed adorned with myriad conveniences.