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Roewe D7 Price and Specs

What is Roewe?
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  • Roewe D7 price
  • Roewe D7 review
  • Roewe D7 overview
  • Roewe D7 specs
  • Roewe D7 release date
  • Roewe D7 exterior
  • Roewe D7 range
  • Roewe D7 interior

Roewe D7 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Roewe D7

Roewe D7 price:

US$ 20850

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)610
battery (kWh)68
max. speed (km/h)170
0 to100 km/h7.3
power (h.p.)211
car typesedan
drive typeRWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Roewe D7 Video Review

Logo of the Roewe Manufacturing Company
Video Review on Roewe D7
Video review

Electrifying the Mid-Size Sedan Market: Roewe D7

In the bustling sphere of electric vehicles, the Roewe D7 emerges as an audacious contender. Launched by SAIC's Roewe brand in 2023, this electric mid-size sedan does not only dare to be different, it dares to redefine affordability and luxury in the electric vehicle domain. Priced starting at an eyebrow-raising $20,850, the Roewe D7 is an enterprise in offering an economical yet feature-dense alternative for devotees of electric mobility.

Decoding the Price Tag of the Roewe D7

Where Value Meets Innovation

Striking a resounding chord in the electric sedan market, the Roewe D7 is positioned within a price bracket of $20,850 to $27,800. This prismatic pricing illuminates the model’s allure, balancing price accessibility with an array of advanced features and exhilarating performance capabilities. In an era where electric dreams and budgets often clash, the Roewe D7 stands as a beacon of financial and environmental sensibility.

Under the Hood: A Look at the Roewe D7's Performance Credentials

Beneath the Surface: The Powerhouse

The Roewe D7, with its striking silhouette, is engineered in two avatars, boasting power outputs of 197 horsepower (145 kW) and a more spirited 211 horsepower (155 kW), respectively. This vehicle, akin to a storm unleashed, attains 0 to 100 km/h in a swift 7.3 seconds, with its velocity crest capped at a heady 170 km/h, all while being shackled electronically for safety.

Dynamics of Driving: RWD and Range Revelations

Boasting Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), the D7 introduces itself as a chariot of choice for the intrepid explorer, offering an astonishing range of up to 610 kilometers on a singular charge. This prodigious mileage, promising endless adventures over horizons unseen, caters to the most wanderlust-inflicted souls.

The Aesthetic and Ergonomic Mastery of the Roewe D7

Enthralling Exterior and Luxurious Layout

The D7 is no less than an opus in design, flaunting a modern aesthetic with svelte LED running lights and a fluidic profile influenced by the motion of rain—melding form with function, its raindrop-esque shape slicing through air with grace. Inside, this sedan cradles its occupants in comfort, offering lavish legroom in the back and a commodious cargo space totaling 447 liters.

Innovation at Its Core: Advanced Features of the Roewe D7

Power Source and Infotainment Impressions

With a standard range model sporting an LFP battery and a long-range variant that embraces a ternary (NMC) battery, the D7’s heart beats with cutting-edge technology. Though whispers of its infotainment system’s prowess are yet hushed, expectations cluster around a competently competitive setup.

A Sanctuary of Safety and Public Adoration

Anticipated Safety Technologies and Market Applause

Expected to incorporate an array of modern safety features (albeit detailed specifics remain under wraps), the Roewe D7 is projected to align with, if not exceed, prevalent automotive safety norms. Since its 2023 inauguration, it has swiftly ascended as a favored choice amongst the electric vehicle populace, charming those in pursuit of an electric sedan that marries style with affordability.

The Roewe D7 stands as an electrifying testament to the fusion of aesthetic allure and eco-friendly engineering. It presents an enriching amalgamation of tantalizing performance, groundbreaking design, and pioneering features, making it an alluring option for individuals transitioning to electric mobility. With its compelling price point, extensive range, and ritzy design, the Roewe D7 positions itself as an accessible yet opulent choice for customers yearning for a contemporary electric sedan.