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Arcfox Kaola Price and Specs

Last updated: 26 February 2024
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What is ARCFOX?
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  • ARCFOX Kaola release date
  • ARCFOX Kaola specs
  • ARCFOX Kaola overview
  • ARCFOX Kaola interior

Arcfox Kaola Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Arcfox Kaola

Arcfox Kaola price:

US$ 18600

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)500
battery (kWh)59
max. speed (km/h)160
power (h.p.)164
car typehatchback / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Arcfox Kaola Video Review

Logo of the ARCFOX Manufacturing Company
Video Review on Arcfox Kaola
Video review

Arcfox Kaola: A Leap Forward in Family Mobility

In an era where every new electric vehicle (EV) seems like a sprint towards a more electrified Nirvana, the Arcfox Kaola makes its entrance with a bit of a twist. Born from the stables of BAIC’s Arcfox brand, this charming contender isn't just another EV. It’s a carefully crafted chariot, dedicatedly designed for the tribe known as ‘families with toddlers and infants’. With safety, comfort, and a dash of style at its core, the Kaola transcends beyond the mere conventions of an automobile. Indeed, it presents itself as a tailor-made solution for the locomotion of the modern family unit.

Price Tag and Market Niche of the Arcfox Kaola

Drawing the curtains on the financial facets, the Kaola dangles a price label oscillating between $18,600 and $23,300. This tag brings the allure of avant-garde EV technology within the grasp of a wider audience, sans the forfeiture of either quality or the perks that come along.

Peeking Under the Hood: The Technical Prowess of the Arcfox Kaola

  • Engine and Vigor: Harnessing a singular electric motor positioned on the forefront axle, it churns out a brawny 163 horsepower (120 kW), flirting with speeds up to 160 km/h.
  • Endurance and Expeditions: Empowered by a 58.86 kWh LFP battery crafted by CATL, it parades a commendable range of 500 km (CLTC), laying the groundwork for both urban errands and extensive familial escapades.

Gazing Inside: The Kaola’s Family-Centered Sanctuary

  • Habitat Design: Step inside to a cocoon of tranquility and function; a domain featuring a levitating screen, an LCD dashboard, and a steering wheel that is nothing short of graceful.
  • Guardians of the Little Ones: It includes a B-pillar camera vigilance system for the rear-seat juveniles and an electronically adaptable cherub seat, surpassing the standard sagacity of safety by a whopping 156%.

Bespoke Attributes for the Wee Ones’ Safety and Ease

  • Breath of Fresh Air: The architecture includes an antimicrobial ventilation system, complete with filters and an ultraviolet lamp, aimed at sterilizing the cabin air.
  • Collaboration with Goodbaby International: The vehicle is outfitted with a state-of-the-art infant seat, heightening safety and comfort for the pint-sized passengers.

The Exterior Elegance married with Pragmatics

  • Framework Design: Categorized as a petite MPV, it skillfully amalgamates traits of a hatchback, station wagon, and van, brandishing a unique front bumper, elliptical headlamps, and a single-piece taillight.

Mobility and Efficiency Unfolded

  • Mileage Mastery: The boasted 500 km CLTC range is commendable, offering a canvas for varied travel vignettes without the bane of frequent charging halts.

The Debut and Its Ripple in the Market Pond

  • Unveiling Antics: Announced to the world in January 2023, the Kaola swiftly caught the market's gaze, particularly within the confines of China.
  • Pre-Sale Revelry: The opening act witnessed a flurry of over 5,000 orders during the pre-sale escapades, mirroring a robust market affection.

Riding the Arcfox Kaola: A Gratis to the Senses

  • Momentum and Navigational Prowess: Despite its core mission of ferrying families in utmost comfort, the Kaola delivers an agile and responsive drive, apt for both metropolis maneuvering and long-stretch journeying.

Sanctuary Garbed in Safety

  • Emphasis on Security: The Kaola enfolds advanced airbags, electronic stability command, a fortified structural composition, and a pioneering infant seat equipped with an internal monitoring system.

Integration with the Future: Technology at the Helm

  • Alliance with Huawei: With the infusion of Huawei’s autonomous navigation system and Harmony OS, the Kaola stays several paces ahead in the EV technological rat race.

Arcfox Kaola: The Quintessential Family EV Crown Jewel

The Arcfox Kaola indeed heralds a significant leap in the trajectory of EVs, tailor-made for the clan with bubs and toddlers. Through its insightful design, alluring cost-effectiveness, and technological novelties, the Kaola transcends the mundane to emerge as a holistic mobility resolve for the contemporaneous family.

As the EV arena unfurls and evolves, the Arcfox Kaola is destined to carve its niche as a preferred familial chariot, courtesy of its unmatched synthesis of infant safety measures and parental conveniences. Witnessing its voyage in remapping family mobility within the electric epoch promises to be both fascinating and pivotal.