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JAC E-JS4 Price and Specs

Last updated: 21 November 2023
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  • JAC E JS4 interior
  • JAC E-JS4 price
  • JAC E JS4 range
  • JAC E JS4 exterior
  • JAC E JS4 specs
  • JAC E JS4 overview
  • JAC E JS4 review
  • JAC E JS4 inside
  • JAC E JS4 interior

JAC E-JS4 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new JAC E-JS4

JAC E-JS4 price:

US$ 18560

manufactured inChina
sales start2019
range (km)470
battery (kWh)66
max. speed (km/h)150
0 to100 km/hNo data
power (h.p.)150
car typeSUV / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

JAC E-JS4 Video Review

Logo of the JAC MOTORS Manufacturing Company
Video Review on JAC E-JS4
Video review

JAC E-JS4: An Electrifying Encounter

Enter the JAC E-JS4, a shimmering gem in the sea of electric conveyances, birthed by the illustrious JAC Motors from the land of China. This chariot not merely rumbles down the roads but whispers the future language of mobility. Allow us to unfurl the scroll that elucidates every facet of the E-JS4, from its sinews to its soul, its cost to the quintessence of its design and zest.

E-JS4 Specifications: A Symphony of Power and Innovation

Far from being a mundane electric steed, the JAC E-JS4 is a sonnet penned in the honor of JAC Motors' dedication to forward-thinking and craftsmanship. Here's a constellation of its vital stats:

  • Crafted in: China
  • Investment: Commences at a modest $18,560
  • Voyage Length: 470 kilometers without thirsting for electrons
  • Velocity Apex: 150 kilometers per hour
  • Muscle: 150 stallions
  • Energy Reservoir: 66 kWh
  • Charter: SUV with a quintet of portals
  • Propulsion Style: Front-Wheel Odyssey
  • Debutante Ball: The year of 2019

The Financial Alchemy of the JAC E-JS4

Priced to entice, at $18,560, the E-JS4 demystifies the electric dream, rendering it within the grasp of the many, not the few. This astute pricing sorcery casts the E-JS4 as a tantalizing choice for those poised to leap from fossil guzzlers to electric chariots without bartering their holdings.

Exploring the E-JS4’s Range: To Infinity and Beyond

Amongst its comrades, the E-JS4’s 470 km reach stands as a beacon, ensuring voyagers can gallivant to their heart's content between respites. It emerges as the prime carriage for metropolitan jaunts and expansive odysseys alike.

The Inner Sanctum of the E-JS4: Where Comfort Meets the Future

The bowels of the E-JS4 marry solace with the avant-garde. A cavernous haven bedecked with sumptuous fabrics and futuristic entertainment contrivances ensures a journey as pleasurable as the destination.

The Alluring Shell of the E-JS4

Clad in a contemporary visage, the E-JS4 dons sleek garb and dynamic contours. Adorned with fashionable luminous ribbons that bind the fore to the aft, it carves a distinct and alluring presence in the theatre of the streets.

The Dawning of the E-JS4: A New Epoch for JAC Motors

A herald from July 2022, the E-JS4 unfurls a new chapter in JAC Motors' electric odyssey. This momentous occasion signals the firm’s unwavering pledge to catalyze its presence in the electric chariot domain.

Behold the JAC E-JS4, an arresting electric SUV that crafts a harmonious balance of agility, aesthetics, and approachability. Flaunting an impressive range, chic design, and pioneering features, it commandeers attention in the electric steed market. Whether you're an EV neophyte or craving an enhancement, the E-JS4 merits your consideration. To unearth further about the JAC E-JS4, i.e., detailed specifications or reviews, I direct you to the sanctum of JAC's official digital dominion or seek out other founts of knowledge.