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JAC E10X Price and Specs

  • JAC E10X price
  • JAC E10X exterior
  • JAC E10X overview
  • JAC E10X range
  • JAC E10X release date
  • JAC E10X review
  • JAC E10X specs
  • JAC E10X interior
  • JAC E10X price
  • JAC E10X exterior
  • JAC E10X overview
  • JAC E10X range
  • JAC E10X release date
  • JAC E10X review
  • JAC E10X specs
  • JAC E10X interior

JAC E10X Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new JAC E10X

JAC E10X price:

US$ 22500

manufactured inChina
sales start2021
range (km)306
battery (kWh)31.4
max. speed (km/h)102
power (h.p.)61
car typehatchback / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

JAC E10X Video Review

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Video Review on JAC E10X
Video review

Detailed Overview of the JAC E10X

JAC E10X Review: A Fresh Take on Urban Electrification

In the bustling streets and tight corners of the metropolitan jungles, the JAC E10X emerges, not merely as another contender in the electric automobile sphere but as a harbinger of a new epoch in the convoluted art of city navigation. Unveiled to the world in 2021 and bearing the moniker Sehol E10X in the vast expanse of China, this diminutive hatchback stitches together the essence of efficiency, the convenience of modern-day technology, and an unwavering dedication to greener pastures.

JAC E10X Price: The Democratization of Electric Mobility

Floating in the market with a launch price tagging along at approximately $22,500, the JAC E10X thrusts itself as a beacon of affordability in the electrified vehicular domain. This strategic pricing not only widens its embrace to welcome a diverse flock but also dismantles the long-standing precept that electric mobility is a high-brow luxury, alien to the common man.

JAC E10X Specs: A Testament to Compact Mastery

  • Origins: Forged within the colossal factories of China
  • Price Tag: Initiates at a humble $22,500
  • Endurance: A commendable journey up to 306 km on a solitary charge
  • Vivacity: Tops at a cheerful 102 km/h, a perfect fit for urban theatre
  • Force: A 61 horsepower electric motor, the heart of this compact marvel
  • Energy Cell: 31.4 kWh battery, the harbinger of efficient joule consumption
  • Design: A 5-door hatchback, sculpted for the urbanite's daily theatre
  • Propulsion: Front-wheel drive (FWD), ensuring steadfast performance

JAC E10X Range: Redefining the Urban Commute

A stride of up to 306 kilometers on a full charge is what the JAC E10X proudly boasts, transforming every daily jaunt and occasional escapade across the conurbations into a venture of confidence and liberation.

JAC E10X Interior: Cozy Sophistication in a Modest Package

Step into the sanctum of the JAC E10X and you're greeted with an alcove that brilliantly maximizes space without compromising on comfort. Despite the vehicle's modest dimensions, the cabin offers a spacious ambiance, ergonomically designed seating, and contemporary infotainment amenities that elevate every journey.

JAC E10X Exterior: Where Grace Meets Functionality

On the outside, the JAC E10X is a symphony of graceful lines and functional design. Its aerodynamic silhouette not only minimizes drag for enhanced efficiency but also casts an eye-catching shadow that beckons onlookers with modern aesthetics.

JAC E10X Release Date: The Dawn of Accessible Electric Commuting

The unveiling of the JAC E10X in the year 2021 turned a page in the annals of affordable electric mobility. This event not only underscored JAC Motors' pledge to electrify the masses but also kindled a new beacon of hope for a broader demographic.

The JAC E10X - An Exemplar of Urban Electric Mobility

Far from being just another electric chariot, the JAC E10X embodies a trinity of practicality, affordability, and a green conscience. Tailor-made for the urban commuter, it amalgamates the virtues of size, brawn, and cost-effectiveness, emerging as a prime selection for those in pursuit of an efficient and environmentally friendly conveyance. In the spectacle of urban electric mobility, the JAC E10X indeed paves a brighter, more inclusive future.