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Mercedes EQA 250+ Price and Specs

Last updated: 04 December 2023
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  • Mercedes EQA 250 exterior
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  • Mercedes EQA 250 release date
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Mercedes EQA 250+ Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Mercedes EQA 250+

Mercedes EQA 250+ price:

US$ 56800

manufactured inGermany
sales start2024
range (km)506
battery (kWh)70.5
max. speed (km/h)160
0 to100 km/h8.6
power (h.p.)190
car typesedan
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Mercedes EQA 250+ Video Review

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Video Review on Mercedes EQA 250+
Video review

Mercedes EQA 250+: A Glimpse into the Future of Electric Luxe Mobility

Unveiling the Mercedes EQA 250+

In a world clamoring for sustainable luxury, the Mercedes EQA 250+ (2024) emerges as a beacon of efficient elegance crafted by the esteemed artisans at Mercedes-Benz. Hailing from the heart of Germany, this electric chariot is poised to grace the roads in 2024, embodying the marque's bold commitment to ushering in a new era of electric vehicular splendor.

Embodiment of Sustainable Opulence and Engineering Prowess

The EQA 250+ stands as a majestic testament to Mercedes-Benz's odyssey towards an electrified chiaroscuro, blending the very essence of opulence, dynamism, and environmental stewardship.

Mercedes EQA 250+ Specs Unveiled

The Harmonic Symphony of Performance & Efficiency

Armed with an electrifying 190-horsepower motor, the EQA 250+ dances on the roads with the grace of a gazelle and the poise of a predator. Its front-wheel sovereignty promises a journey as stabilizing as it is energy-efficient.

The Heartbeat: Battery & Voyage Potential

A colossus 70.5 kWh battery sits at the core, propelling the EQA 250+ to achieve a staggering expeditionary range of 506 kilometers, making it a knight in shining armor for both the hustle of city escapades and the adventure of the open road, all while side-stepping the frequent roosts at charging stations.

Mercedes EQA 250+: Elegance at a Price

The Equilibrium of Fiscal Elegance in an Electric Sedan

With an estimated price tag of $56,800, the EQA 250+ asserts its dominance in the electric sedan colosseum, beckoning those with a penchant for vehicular regality married with electrical innovation, without demanding a king's ransom.

A Symphony of Value

Marketed as the epitome of Mercedes-Benz's luxurious lineage converging with pinnacle electric motoring tech and enviro-consciousness, the EQA 250+ offers a sanctuary of value for advocates marching towards an electric future.

Mercedes EQA 250+: An Ode to Interior Design

Luxuriously Forward-Thinking Interiors

The inner sanctum of the EQA 250+ weaves a tapestry of grandeur and technological marvel, with opulent fabrics and trailblazing tech forming an inviting cocoon of premium ambiance for both the pilot and their comrades.

An Oasis of Infotainment and Comfort Amenities

Brimming with the latest infotainment gizmos and comfort-inducing delights, the EQA 250+ elevates every voyage to an event, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and merriment on the move.

Mercedes EQA 250+: Exterior Esthetics

The Quintessence of Elegance and Purposeful Aerodynamics

The outer allure of the EQA 250+ is a spellbinding portrayal of Mercedes-Benz's contemporary design ethos, marrying finesse with functional aerodynamics to enkindle both visual allure and effective vigor.

Monuments to Quality and Craftsmanship

Constructed with a meticulous eye for detail and quality, the EQA 250+'s exterior is a harmonious amalgamation of style and sturdiness, catering to the discerning tastes of electric vehicle aficionados.

The Launch of Mercedes EQA 250+ and its Market Enthralment

Herald of an Electric Future

The impending launch of the EQA 250+ in 2024 ignites waves of anticipation among those yearning for a confluence of sophistication and ecologically-responsible luxury vehicular travel.

A Catalyst in the Luxury Electric Vehicle Domain

Destined to craft its legend in the luxury electric vehicle sphere, the EQA 250+ is a mesmerizing alliance of Mercedes-Benz's aristocratic luxury, avant-garde electric vehicle technology, and spirited performance.