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Mercedes EQS 450+ Price and Specs

Last updated: 02 December 2023
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Mercedes EQS 450+ Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Mercedes EQS 450+

Mercedes EQS 450+ price:

US$ 104400

manufactured inGermany
sales start2023
range (km)780
battery (kWh)108
max. speed (km/h)210
0 to100 km/h6.2
power (h.p.)333
car typesedan
drive typeRWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Mercedes EQS 450+ Video Review

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Video Review on Mercedes EQS 450+
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Mercedes EQS 450+ 2023: A Closer Look

Exploring the Mercedes EQS 450+

The Mercedes EQS 450+, an epitome of electric refinement and prowess, epitomizes Mercedes-Benz's allegiance to cutting-edge and eco-conscious luxury. Birthed in the heart of Germany, this all-electric saloon has redefined norms for the opulent EV niche since it first graced the roads in 2023.

A Glimpse into Its Creation

The commitment of Mercedes-Benz to craftsmanship and innovation shines brightly in the EQS 450+. Molded with scrupulous precision and care, it mirrors the brand's legendary standing in the automotive cosmos.

Mercedes EQS 450 Specifications

Under the Hood: Performance Defined

Sporting a solo motor at the rear axle, the EQS 450+ invites you on a thrilling ride, showcasing 333 horsepower alongside 419 pound-feet of torque. Its sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 6.2 seconds is a testimony to its prowess.

The Heart of the Beast: Battery and Autonomy

Armed with a 108 kWh battery, the EQS 450+ promises an extraordinary journey of 780 kilometers, pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle efficiency and endurance into new territories.

The Fiscal Considerations: Mercedes EQS 450 Price Tag

The Cost and Its Domain

With an entry price point orbiting around $104,400, the EQS 450+ stakes its claim within the luxurious electric sedan sphere. It beckons to those with a refined taste who seek the zenith of electric opulence.

The Justification of Value

The melding of sumptuous features, avant-garde technology, and vigorous performance endows the EQS 450+ with a premium pricing, offering immense value to aficionados of luxury electric vehicles.

An Encounter with the Mercedes EQS 450+ Interior

A Confluence of Grandeur and Modernity

The innards of the EQS 450+ create a realm of opulence and contemporaneity. Premium materials, forefront technology, and ingenious design converge to create an unmatched driving and relaxation sanctuary.

The Pinnacle of Technological Marvels

Boasting top-tier infotainment and connectivity, the EQS 450+ is adorned with the latest technological advancements, elevating the driving saga and ensuring passenger solace.

The Exterior Elegance of the Mercedes EQS 450

A Visage of Grace and Tomorrow

The exterior of the EQS 450+ radiates sophistication and a forward-looking allure. Its streamlined contours and aerodynamic frame are instrumental in its performance, portraying it as an icon of contemporary luxury.

The Synthesis of Aesthetics and Resilience

True to Mercedes-Benz's pursuit of perfection, the outer shell of the EQS 450+ is a visual feast that's built to endure. It amalgamates sleek aesthetics with sturdy craftsmanship, matching the expectancies of discerning proprietors.

The Unveiling of the Mercedes EQS 450 and Its Echoes

A Herald of Success: Launch and Feedback

The unveiling of the EQS 450+ in 2023 was heralded with praise, especially from those in the pursuit of a luxury electric conveyance that melds performance with eco-friendliness.

A Catalyst in the Luxury Electric Vehicle Sphere

Projecting a significant influence on the luxury electric car segment, the EQS 450+ emerges as an enticing amalgamation of Mercedes-Benz luxury, electrical prowess, and pioneering technology.