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Mini Cooper E Price and Specs

Last updated: 16 January 2024
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What is MINI?
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  • Mini Cooper E exterior
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  • Mini Cooper E interior
  • Mini Cooper E inside

Mini Cooper E Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Mini Cooper E

Mini Cooper E price:

US$ 35900

manufactured inChina
sales start2024
range (km)400
battery (kWh)54,2
max. speed (km/h)170
0 to100 km/h7.3
power (h.p.)214
car typehatchback / 3 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Mini Cooper E Video Review

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Video Review on Mini Cooper E
Video review

Exploring the Mini Cooper E 2024: An Electrifying Journey into the Future

Charting a new course in the storied narrative of the Mini Cooper, the Mini Cooper E 2024, affectionately dubbed the Mini Electric, marries its classic aesthetics with the pizzazz of modern electric propulsion. This contraption is a dream come true for the urbanite with an ecological conscience, amalgamating style, energy efficiency and a green ethos.

Specifications of the Mini Cooper E 2024: A Dynamo in Miniature

Motor Prowess, Velocity, and Energy Conservation

Boasting a sprightly electric heart thumping out 184 horsepower, the Mini Cooper E delivers a vivacious and responsive jaunt. It catapults from stasis to 100 km/h in a brisk 7.3 seconds, topping out at a respectable velocity of 160 km/h. This synthesis of nimbleness and potency is tailor-made for the urban safari.

Autonomy and Electrical Resilience

Armed with a 40.7 kWh battery pack, the Mini Cooper E lays claim to a travel domain of up to 275 km on a single charge. For a compact electric chariot, this range is nothing short of impressive, rendering it an impeccable ally for both the quotidian commute and spontaneous city escapades.

Dimensions and Driving Dynamics

Encased in the form of a sprightly 3-door hatchback, the Mini Cooper E upholds a compact yet agile build, a boon for navigating congested urban thoroughfares and snug parking berths.

Inside the Cooper E: Where Heritage Meets Innovation

The sanctum of the Mini Cooper E stands as a seamless confluence of traditional charm and contemporary innovation. Swathed in premium materials, the cabin sports an intuitively designed infotainment system to craft a cocoon of comfort and connectivity for the navigator.

The Exterior of Cooper E: A Nod to the Past with a Gaze Set on Tomorrow

The visage of the Mini Cooper E retains the timeless allure of the iconic Mini Cooper silhouette, with subtle nods to its electric soul. This design ethos speaks volumes, appealing to both connoisseurs of the Mini legacy and neophytes to the electric revolution.

Mini Cooper E Pricing: Electrifying Luxury within Reach

At a welcoming price tag of $35,900, the Mini Cooper E unfurls as an accessible embarkation into the domain of electric motoring, without skimping on sophistications or panache. This pricing stratagem positions the Mini Cooper E as a compelling proposition for those in pursuit of a premium electric motoring experience without the premium expense.

The Dawn of Mini Cooper E 2024: A New Epoch Awaits

Marked for a grand unveiling in 2024, the Mini Cooper E ventures forth at a juncture where the clamor for sustainable and efficient mobile solutions is surging. Birthed in the United Kingdom, this vehicle stands poised to capture the imaginations and desires of a global audience, from metropolitan navigators to the environmentally mindful.

Anticipations of the Marketplace and Consumer Magnetism

The Mini Cooper E is primed to ensnare the affections of a myriad of patrons, offering an exquisite concoction of Mini's vintage allure with the avant-garde allure of electric momentum. Its impending arrival is eagerly anticipated by those yearning for an electric conveyance that refuses to compromise on aesthetics or lineage.

The Essence of Driving and Utility

Initial testaments and pilot runs underscore the Mini Cooper E's peppy performance, effortless maneuverability, and its adeptness for traversing the urban jungle. Its diminutive stature, coupled with an adequate electric voyage capability, christens it as the quintessential companion for city exploits.

Mini Cooper E 2024 Review: A Salvo in Compact Electric Motoring

Projected to redefine benchmarks within the compact electric vehicle cadre, the Mini Cooper E distinguishes itself through its iconic styling, pragmatic electric range, and enthralling driving dynamics. It embodies a singular fusion of fun and eco-friendliness.

Voices from the User Galaxy and Insights

Initiation reactions to the Mini Cooper E underscore its allure as an everyman's carriage, wedding the delights of piloting a Mini with the virtues of electric ingenuity. Its petite dimensions, in harmony with a conducive electric range, have won it accolades, particularly among the urban echelons.

Rippling Effects of the Mini Cooper E

With the curtain rise of the Mini Cooper E 2024, we witness a significant leap in Mini's odyssey towards sustainable locomotion. It embodies a mellifluous merger of the brand's illustrious heritage with a pledge to forward-looking technologies, paving the pathway for the forthcoming lineage of electric urban conveyances.

In essence, the Mini Cooper E 2024 transcends the confines of mere electric transportation; it emerges as a beacon of Mini's enduring charm, ingeniously adapted for the contemporary epoch. It stands as a manifesto of classic design, innovative technology, and ecological mindfulness, poised to captivate those in quest of a chic, efficient, and pleasurable electric driving voyage.