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ORA White Cat Price and Specs

Last updated: 19 December 2023
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What is GWM ORA UK?
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  • ORA White Cat specs
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  • ORA White Cat interior
  • ORA White Cat price
  • ORA White Cat specs
  • ORA White Cat overview
  • ORA White Cat range
  • ORA White Cat release date
  • ORA White Cat review
  • ORA White Cat inside
  • ORA White Cat interior

ORA White Cat Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new ORA White Cat

ORA White Cat price:

US$ 11500

manufactured inChina
sales start2020
range (km)305
battery (kWh)29.4
max. speed (km/h)102
0 to100 km/hNo data
power (h.p.)48
car typehatchback / 5 doors
drive typeFWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

ORA White Cat Video Review

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Video Review on ORA White Cat
Video review

Exploring the ORA White Cat: An In-Depth Look

The ORA White Cat Pricing: Striking a Balance Between Cost and Innovation

For those on the prowl for an electric chariot that doesn't demand a king's ransom, the ORA White Cat, with a tag of $11,500, prowls into the spotlight. Great Wall Motors has cleverly priced the feline-inspired marvel, making the leap into electric mobility a less daunting financial leap. It's their shrewd gambit to tip the scales, making EVs a more palpable choice for the masses.

The ORA White Cat Unveiled: Tailored For The Urban Jungle

Designed with a crystal clear focus on the urban safari, the ORA White Cat eschews the need for neck-snapping acceleration for genteel, city-friendly jaunts. Lacking the traditional metrics like the 0 to 100 km/h dash, its top speed hovers at a modest 102 km/h with a power thrust of 48 horsepower - plainly indicating its urbanite leanings over the thirst for velocity.

It positions itself as the go-to steed for the daily grind and nimble enough for threading through the city's arteries.

ORA White Cat Specifications: A Nugget In The Cityscape

With its diminutive dimensions, stretching only 2490mm in length and 1010mm across, the ORA White Cat is a dream to maneuver through the city’s more claustrophobic spaces. Housing a 29.4 kWh battery within its compact frame, it boasts a range of 305 km - a measure more than adequate for the daily dance without the dread of constant charges.

Digging Into the ORA White Cat’s Essence

Birthed by Great Wall Motors, the ORA White Cat, also christened R2, stands as a beacon for the brand's dedication to ferrying electric mobility into the realm of the attainable. It marries practicality with the zest of electric propulsion in a front-wheel-drive (FWD) hatchback silhouette, clad in 5 doors.

ORA White Cat's Achievable Adventures: Crafted for Commutes

Its 305 km reach particularly caters to those navigating the urban weave, perfectly poised to serve the recurring journeys and adventures through the concrete maze - aligning seamlessly with the pace of city life.

An Intimate Look Inside the ORA White Cat: Prioritizing Practicality

The interior of the ORA White Cat subscribes to a philosophy of simplicity and function, devoid of frivolous luxury - a clear nod to its ambition of bringing practical, affordable electric driving to the fore. It's likely to focus on the essentials, catering to the common commuter with a preference for efficiency over opulence.

The ORA White Cat's Exterior Aesthetic: Contemporary Urban Chic

Its outer design whispers of modernity, embodying the sleekness expected of a city dwellers' chariot. The palette offers a sprinkle of personal flair with options like the vibrant 'Hamilton White,' enhancing its urban charisma and adaptability to personal tastes.

The Arrival and Warm Embrace of the ORA White Cat

Since its curtain-raising in 2020, the ORA White Cat marked another stride by Great Wall Motors in their electric venture. Captivating with its balanced pricing and commendable range, it nestles nicely into the niche of budget-friendly EVs, particularly carving its name in urban circles.

Summing Up the ORA White Cat: A Contender in The Affordable EV Arena

The ORA White Cat, with its strategic blend of range efficiency, compact stature, and approachable price point, cements its position as a compelling option for city dwellers poised to transition into the electric vehicle domain. Although it may shy away from delivering blistering speed or lavish trims, its prowess in efficiency, practicality, and affordability heralds it as a notable contestant within its category, enticing a wide audience seeking an environmentally friendly and dependable urban commuter.