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RIMAC Nevera Price and Specs

Last updated: 31 July 2023
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What is RIMAC?
  • RIMAC Nevera price
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  • RIMAC Nevera price
  • Rimac Nevera Nevera 1
  • Rimac Nevera Nevera 2
  • Rimac Nevera Nevera 3
  • Rimac Nevera Nevera 4
  • Rimac Nevera Nevera 5
  • Rimac Nevera Nevera 7
  • Rimac Nevera Nevera 6
RIMAC Nevera price

RIMAC Nevera Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new RIMAC Nevera.

RIMAC Nevera price *:

2400000 US$

manufactured inCroatia
sales start2021
range (km)550
battery (kWh)120
max. speed (km/h)412
0 to100 km/h1.97
power (h.p.)1914
car typeroadster
drive typeAWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

RIMAC Nevera: The Lightning-Fast Electric Hypercar

The RIMAC Nevera is a revolutionary electric hypercar hailing from Croatia, boasting unprecedented power and mind-boggling performance. As the flagship model from RIMAC, the Nevera showcases cutting-edge technology and engineering prowess, pushing the boundaries of electric mobility and redefining the hypercar landscape.

RIMAC Nevera Specs: Power and Acceleration Like Never Before

Under the sleek and aerodynamic roadster body of the Nevera lies a symphony of electric power.

Four electric motors work in harmony, generating an awe-inspiring combined output of 1914 horsepower and an earth-shattering 2360 Nm of torque. This phenomenal power enables the Nevera to achieve incredible feats of acceleration, rocketing from 0 to 100 km/h in a blistering 1.97 seconds. The hypercar's agility and responsiveness make it an unrivaled performer on both the track and the road.

Unmatched Speed and Thrills

Buckle up for an adrenaline-fueled ride, as the RIMAC Nevera reaches mind-blowing speeds. With its unparalleled power, this electric marvel sprints to 300 km/h in just 9.3 seconds, covering a 402-meter stretch in a mere 8.6 seconds. The Nevera's capabilities culminate in a breathtaking top speed of 412 km/h, solidifying its position as one of the fastest cars on the planet.

Long-Range Sustainability

Despite its phenomenal performance, the RIMAC Nevera doesn't compromise on practicality. Equipped with a robust 120 kWh battery pack, the hypercar delivers an impressive electric range of 550 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. This exceptional range ensures that the Nevera can be enjoyed on longer journeys, making it more than just a track-oriented machine.

Innovative Platform and Collaboration

The RIMAC Nevera's advanced platform is not only utilized for this exceptional hypercar but also serves as the foundation for the Pininfarina Battista, another remarkable electric hypercar. This collaborative approach highlights RIMAC's engineering expertise and the recognition it commands within the automotive industry.

Looking to the Future

RIMAC's achievements and innovation have captured the attention of the automotive world, with rumors suggesting potential partnerships on the horizon. Talks of Porsche increasing its stake in RIMAC while granting the Croatian company control over the iconic Bugatti brand have sparked excitement and anticipation for what the future holds.

Conclusion: Electrifying the Hypercar Realm

The RIMAC Nevera stands as an electrifying testament to the capabilities of electric vehicles. Pushing the boundaries of speed, performance, and range, it redefines what an electric hypercar can achieve. With its unparalleled acceleration, stunning top speed, and remarkable sustainability, the Nevera solidifies RIMAC's position as a leader in the electric hypercar realm.

The RIMAC Nevera: Embrace the Lightning.

Manufacturer: RIMAC

RIMAC Nevera Video Review

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