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Rising Auto F7 Price and Specs

Last updated: 18 October 2023
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Rising Auto F7 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Rising Auto F7

Rising Auto F7 price:

US$ 31500

manufactured inChina
sales start2023
range (km)666
battery (kWh)90
max. speed (km/h)200
0 to100 km/h3.7
power (h.p.)544
car typesedan
drive typeAWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Rising Auto F7 Video Review

Logo of the Rising Auto Manufacturing Company
Video Review on Rising Auto F7
Video review

Rising Auto F7: The Electrifying Behemoth Redefining E-Mobility

In an ocean teeming with mechanical sharks, the Rising Auto F7 surfaces as a colossal leviathan, ripe with specifications that would make even the most arid technophile's mouth water, a sticker price that'll have your wallet heaving a sigh of relief, and a silhouette that could shame Venus de Milo. Let's navigate the circuits and gears that etch the Rising F7 as a titan in the electric vehicle (EV) colosseum.

An Introduction to Rising Auto

Diving into the nucleus of Rising Auto, one uncovers a DNA intertwined with the colossal SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) lineage. Gracing the automobile cosmos with stalwarts like MG and Roewe, Rising Auto isn't a novice in the art of automaking. Fuse this heritage with a coalition with CATL and the China National Petroleum Corp, and you've got yourself a fertile crescent for burgeoning EV technology, with the Rising F7 as its crown jewel.

Diving into the F7's Features

  • Dimensions: The F7 doesn't just enter a room; it makes the room come to it. Stretching a grandiose 5 meters, it dares to lock horns with behemoths like the Nio ET7.

  • Battery Innovations: At the core of the F7 lies a heart that beats to the rhythm of rapid battery-swapping, a dance choreographed by the nascent but promising Rising Power swap stations.

  • Performance & Technical Specs:

    • Battery Variants: It's a veritable candy store with 64kWh, 77kWh, and an elephantine 90kWh varieties on offer.

    • Powertrain Dynamics: Electrify your soul with either a single-motor RWD pushing a vigorous 335 hp or strut with a dual-motor AWD, chiming in at an awe-inspiring 536 hp.

  • Tech & Interior: A sanctuary ensconced within a 43-inch dashboard screen, powered by the inimitable Rising OS. With only two physical buttons, it's the epitome of minimalist luxe.

Cost Analysis: Astounding Affordability

  • Base Model: Akin to finding a diamond in the rough, the base model stands at an enthralling $21,200, sans battery.

  • Comprehensive Packages: Whether you're skimming or deep-diving, packages range from $30,490 to $43,800, contingent on your battery and powertrain predilections.

At a glance, the Rising F7 seems like a siren's call to your vehicular sensibilities. Yet, one wonders if the symphony has any dissonant notes?

Challenges & Considerations

Traversing the roadmap reveals a scant grid of Rising Power swap stations. With a mere trio operational, compared to Nio's sprawling 1,300+ nexus, the utopia of battery swapping pivots on the axis of potential rather than present actuality.

Behind the Scenes: The Financial Gargantua

To the skeptics eyeing the F7's price point with suspicion of compromise, let it be known that SAIC's coffers aren't just deep; they're Mariana Trenchesque. It's a calculated gambit aimed at seizing the e-mobility scepter, with a horizon where Rising Auto stands as a monumental force in China's EV odyssey.

In Conclusion: The Rising Auto F7's Promise

The Rising Auto F7 isn't just another EV strutting down the boulevard; it's a harbinger of what transpires when avant-garde technology tangos with sheer ambition. Wrought from the anvil of SAIC's aspirations, the F7 stands not just as a vehicle, but as a herald of an eco-conscious, technologically superior tomorrow.