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SKODA Enyaq 85x RS Price and Specs

Last updated: 11 January 2024
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What is SKODA?
  • SKODA  Enyaq 85x RS price
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS review
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS specs
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS exterior
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS overview
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS range
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS interior
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS inside
  • SKODA  Enyaq 85x RS price
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS review
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS specs
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS exterior
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS overview
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS range
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS interior
  • SKODA--Enyaq 85x RS inside

SKODA Enyaq 85x RS Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new SKODA Enyaq 85x RS

SKODA Enyaq 85x RS price:

US$ 69640

manufactured inCzech Republic
sales start2024
range (km)540
battery (kWh)82
max. speed (km/h)180
0 to100 km/h5.5
power (h.p.)340
car typeSUV / 5 doors
drive typeAWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

SKODA Enyaq 85x RS Video Review

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Video Review on SKODA  Enyaq 85x RS
Video review

Unveiling the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS

In the electrifying world of electric SUVs, the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS breaks onto the scene with a thunderous roar. This Czech marvel flawlessly combines the art of engineering with eco-friendly propulsion, carving a distinctive niche for itself. With its advent, SKODA propels us into an era where electric vehicles are not only about meeting the eco-conscious consumer's needs but also about reimagining performance, design, and technological marvels.

Financial Insight on the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS

Tagged with a price of $69,640, the Enyaq 85x RS mirrors SKODA's ambition to deliver luxurious electric vehicles without the extravagance price tag. This pricing strategy ensures that the SUV is within reach for a wide audience, eagerly searching for a synthesis of quality, performance, and green technology.

Exploring the Performance of the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS

Strength and Velocity

  • Total Power: 250 kW (340 PS)
  • Acceleration: Leaping from 0 - 100 km/h in a mere 5.5 seconds
  • Top Speed: Restrained at 180 km/h

Grit and Propulsion

  • Total Torque: A formidable 679 Nm
  • Drive System: Sophisticated All-Wheel Drive (AWD) technology

Journey and Energy Storage

  • Electric Range: Travels up to 435 km per charge
  • Battery Capacity: An 82.0 kWh nominal, with 77.0 kWh available for use

Refueling the Electric Steed

  • Home Charging: 11 kW AC, replenishing the battery in around 8 hours 15 minutes
  • Fast Charging: Zooms up to 175 kW DC, revitalizing significant range within 28 minutes

Aesthetics and Size of the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS

Exterior Allure

The SKODA Enyaq 85x RS is adorned with a design that epitomizes aerodynamic sleekness, enhancing the SUV's characteristics. Measuring 4649 mm in length, 1879 mm in width, and 1616 mm in height, it makes its presence known on the roads. Additionally, with a drag coefficient of 0.255 Cd, it smoothes its way through the air, optimizing both efficiency and swiftness.

Sanctuary of Luxury

Within the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS lies a sanctuary that marries advanced aesthetics with practical ergonomics, comfortably seating five passengers. It prides itself on using high-end materials and leading-edge infotainment systems. The SUV's cargo space is capacious, offering a whopping 585 liters, expandable to 1710 liters, of storage capacity.

Efficiency and Range Fit for Journeys

The SKODA Enyaq 85x RS's battery ensures up to 435 km of traversal on a single charge, making it an apt choice for both urban explorations and countryside adventures. Its judicious energy management system magnifies every kilowatt to its zenith, striking a perfect equilibrium between vigor and sustainability.

Guarding the Fort – SKODA Enyaq 85x RS Safety Review

Safeguarding its occupants is a paramount creed for the Enyaq 85x RS. Its commendable Euro NCAP ratings speak volumes:

  • Adult Occupant: 94%
  • Child Occupant: 89%
  • Vulnerable Road Users: 71%
  • Safety Assist: 82%

These accolades testify to SKODA's unwavering pledge to fortify against mishaps, embedding superior safety technologies and resilient construction.

When Can One Embrace the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS?

Dawning in the year 2024, the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS will grace several global pavements, embodying SKODA's envisionment for a greener and powered future. This remarkable electric SUV signals a buoyant leap in the brand's electrification odyssey.

SKODA Enyaq 85x RS – A Testament to Electric Prowess

For those yearning for an electric SUV that sacrifices neither vim nor luxury at the altar of eco-friendliness, the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS emerges as a formidable choice. Flaunting its competitive price, an exceptional range, and avant-garde features, it firmly establishes itself in the electric vehicle arena.

In sum, the SKODA Enyaq 85x RS transcends being just an electric SUV. It signifies SKODA's resolute intent to craft automobiles that seamlessly blend practicality with pioneering spirit. With its introduction, SKODA unfurls a new benchmark in the electric vehicle domain, heralding an electrified future that's as exhilarating as it is sustainable.