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GARIA GOLF CAR Price and Specs

Last updated: 18 November 2023

What is GARIA?
  • GARIA GOLF CAR price
  • GARIA GOLF CAR specs
  • GARIA GOLF CAR range
  • GARIA GOLF CAR review
  • GARIA GOLF CAR price
  • GARIA GOLF CAR specs
  • GARIA GOLF CAR range
  • GARIA GOLF CAR review


Price and Technical Specifications of the new GARIA GOLF CAR


US$ 14900

manufactured inDenmark
range (km)64
max. speed (km/h)30
sales start2022
battery (kWh)unknown
passengers (qty)1 passenger seat
battery typelead-acid

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options


Logo of the GARIA Manufacturing Company
Video Review on GARIA GOLF CAR
Video review

GARIA GOLF CAR: Embarking on Luxury and Performance

Embark upon a journey into the luxurious echelons of golf transportation with the GARIA GOLF CAR. Hailing from the refined workshops of Danish craftsmen in 2022, this chariot of the fairways is not merely a vehicle, but a declaration of sophistication, melding top-tier performance with the grace of a swan.

Unveiling the GARIA GOLF CAR's Technological Marvels

Speed and Autonomy: The Quintessential Duo

Outfitted with the capability to traverse the green at speeds up to 30 km/h, the GARIA GOLF CAR ensures prompt arrivals and leisurely explorations, alike. With a generous leash of 64 kilometers, this conveyance invites for prolonged gallivants across endless stretches of verdant splendor.

Source of Vigor: The Heart beneath the Hood

The lifeblood of this sleek stallion, a lead-acid accumulator, though cloak-and-dagger about its kilowatt-hour credentials, is lauded for its tenacity and reliable ardor.

Merging pragmatism with opulence, some models boast amenities as lavish as refrigeration units, a nod to the discerning aesthete.

Framework and Endurance: The Pillars of Vitality

Constructed with an e-coated steel backbone and topped with a robotically sculpted aluminum canopy, the GARIA GOLF CAR is an impregnable fortress on wheels, promising ages of fidelity and steadfastness.

The GARIA GOLF CAR: A Symphony in Interior Opulence and Exterior Splendor

A Sanctuary of Elegance

Within its chamber lies an oasis of plushness, meticulously designed to swathe occupants in a cocoon of comfort and swankiness. Its optional alcoves for golf accoutrements and chilled elixirs epitomize the zenith of luxury.

The Embodiment of Grace

It's an external visage, a harmonious fusion of functionality and panache, beckons to the connoisseur of beauty and leisure, whilst the dedication to superior materials ensures its timeless allure and resilience.

Investment in Exclusivity: The GARIA GOLF CAR's Price Tag

In the echelons of high-end golf carts, the GARIA GOLF CAR's sticker is a testament to its unparalleled proposition in features, aesthetics, and mechanical prowess.

GARIA GOLF CAR: Unraveling Opulence on the Greens

Admiration and Desire: The Public's Ovation

Since its grand debut in 2022, the GARIA GOLF CAR has seduced aficionados of luxury and innovation, cementing its status as a coveted jewel among the elite.

The Dawn of a New Era in Golf Transportation

Not just another addition to the market, it represents a fresh lineage of luxury golf carts, awaited with bated breath by both aficionados of golf and seekers of luxury.