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Changan Qiyuan E07 Price and Specs

Last updated: 31 January 2024
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What is CHANGAN Auto?
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  • Changan Qiyuan E07 review
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 overview
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 exterior
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 release date
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 interior
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 price
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 review
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 overview
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 exterior
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 release date
  • Changan Qiyuan E07 interior

Changan Qiyuan E07 Review ⚡

Price and Technical Specifications of the new Changan Qiyuan E07

Changan Qiyuan E07 price:

US$ 24200

manufactured inChina
sales start2024
range (km)710
battery (kWh)100
cargo capacity (kg)594
drive typeAWD

* Minimum price set by the manufacturer, excluding taxes and additional options

Changan Qiyuan E07 Video Review

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Video Review on Changan Qiyuan E07
Video review

Electrifying Arrival: The Changan Qiyuan E07

A storm is brewing in the automotive skyline, and it's charged with electricity. Enter the Changan Qiyuan E07, a machine that's set to turn the electric vehicle (EV) world on its head, without turning your bank account inside out. With a price that whispers sweet nothings to your wallet, $24,200, this Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is not just a vehicle, but an electrified herald of innovation, weaving together affordability with cutting-edge prowess.

Unveiling the Qiyuan E07: A Symphony of Economy and Craft

The Qiyuan E07, tagged at a mere $24,200, doesn't just whisper, it sings arias of value. Engineered to bewitch a kaleidoscope of clientele, this electric SUV intertwines prudent pricing with avant-garde features in a dance so harmonious, it's set to captivate the hearts (and wallets) of many.

The Essence and Prowess of the Qiyuan E07

Dynamic Vitality Unleashed

  • Variants of Vigour: Elect between a lone knight of a motor championing 252 kW, or a dual squire setup (188 kW at the fore, 252 kW at the rear).
  • Summits of Speed: Reach a zenith of 201 km/h with the single warrior, and 210 km/h with the dual command.
  • Chariot of Choice: All-Wheel Drive (AWD) for command and control that Poseidon would envy.

Endurance and Electric Odyssey

  • Voyage Limitless: Marvel at a monumental 710 km range.
  • The Heart Electrified: Armed with high-capacity ternary lithium batteries.

Forefront of Technological Elegance

  • The Eyes of the Future: Pioneering driving assistance, foreseen through state-of-the-art sensors and optics.

Art and Utility in Design

Melding Forms in Exterior Craft

The Qiyuan E07 parades an ensemble of SUV, sedan, and pickup elements, adorned with a sealed grille, C-shaped LED torches, and distinctive ring-shaped aft lights.

Architectural Mastery and Maneuverability

  • The Scales of Design: Dimensions 5045/1996/1640 (1665, 1695) mm, built on a 3120 mm wheelbase.
  • Tread Your Own Path: Choose from 20-inch or 21-inch rolling thrones.

Inward Elegance and Ergonomics

  • A Sanctuary for the Modern Voyager: Seats five souls in the lap of luxury.
  • Laden Thy Steed: A hefty 594 kg payload for all your worldly possessions.

On the Horizon of Safety in the Qiyuan E07

While the cloak of mystery shrouds the explicit safety features, the promise of lidars and cameras heralds an era fortified with safeguarding mechanisms, unseen yet unforgotten.

The Qiyuan E07’s Ascension and Vision Ahead

Slated for unveil in the year 2024, the Changan Qiyuan E07 is on a trajectory to not just make a dent, but sculpt a new visage in the electric SUV domain. With its unique design and powerhouse performance, it's set to cast shadows that others will follow, creating a legacy that speaks volumes of elegance, utility, and a nod to Mother Nature.

Reflections on the Changan Qiyuan E07

The Changan Qiyuan E07 melds together a symphony of functionality, muscularity, and technological savoir-faire. With an appealing price and a range that pushes boundaries, it stands as a titan amongst those in search of an electric chariot that is as dynamic as it is multifaceted. As the hour of its unveiling draws nigh, the Qiyuan E07 readies itself to etch a significant chapter in the annals of electric vehicles, offering a spectacle of finesse, utility, and green consciousness.